TRS-80 Model 4D

by RabbitEngineering Mar 15, 2016
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That brings back some memories!

Very nice! I actually still have my Model 4 (and a 4p). Back when I used it, I ran CP/M most of the time. However, the last time I turned it on, I couldn't get past the date prompt, then after it sat for a couple minutes, smoke started coming out of it...! I'm guessing the caps in the power supply are shot. Someday I'll resurrect it. :-)

Once capacitors leak their magic smoke, they lose their superpowers - it's well known physics :-) Good luck on the fix!

I had a model 2. 4k of memory and no disk drives for me 8(

My first computer isn't shown but I would love it if you would design a Tiny one. It was an IMSI 8080. I bought it in 1976 as a kit and had my cousin build it for me.. I have a photo of one if you would be interested. The startup routine used binary-coded, hexadecimal front panel switches. It ran a 2K version of Altair Basic (if I remember correctly) which I loaded via a cassette in a specific model of Radio Shack audio cassette player. I had an old, very well-used teletype machine as my an I/O device. Rather primitive to begin with but I eventually added a floppy disk drive and a bought a used terminal of a type which several airlines were still using at their check-in desks 20 years later.

My father bought a Trash-80.

Sir, your request is too reasonable to ignore - please see http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1421959 (all jokes aside, I actually finished the IMSAI8080 last night as part of a commission - talk about good timing on your part!)

IMSAI 8080 computer

Learned programming at school on a TRS-80 .... nice design.

Thanks! I hope this brought back only good memories for you :-)

I actually owned one of these back in the day. I also owned the predessor to that model, the TRS-80 Model III. It was my first computer.

You did a great job on this. Very cool.