Customizable Ripples

by daozenciaoyen Mar 19, 2016
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Awesome!!! i wonder if you can do iso surfaces in scad

here is a cymatics emuulator i made:https://youtu.be/sVteR9TEYF8

only difference from your program is that the cymatics emulator has 4/8 dots at symmetrical distances from the center and symmetrical wavelength. I 'll try and code it when i have a moment. i put the dots in pairs or quads all controlled by the same variable, just change distance 1/2 and wavelength 1/2 and amplitude if you want and it changes all of them, it's meant to be a parralele of cymatics waves bouncing in square pond. it's vaguely related to morbus cyclometricus which is a very useful term for general daily use :)

If you download the .scad file and install OpenSCAD, you can try writing your cymatics emulator as an OpenSCAD function to output the z height based on x, y coordinates. (Just replace the definition of the z(x,y) function in this program)

Alternately, you could use your existing program to write the coordinates of your surface, and modify this to plot the surface from pasted array data or something similar.

not to be funny or something but it's a good one for the shower deco.
if you make 5 points at far distances it makes a quasy 5 fold symmetry related to quasi crystals and penrose tiling

Can you set it up like this and publish a custom remix? :)