Parametric Oil Filter Wrench

by brotherjethro Mar 18, 2016
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Nice part and openScad program brotherjethro. We can make the openScad model better though if when you take the difference between two pieces you increase the size of the second piece so that the second piece goes completely through the first one. Then openScad does not show a hidden/ghost surface and the stl file may not have an undetermined surface. To do so with your file, modify Main Polygon hole: and Drive hole as below.

        // Main Polygon hole: with Change #1.
            //linear_extrude(outside_height_mm - bottom_thickness_mm) // original line.
            linear_extrude(outside_height_mm)  // new line with increase extrusion height so that the Hole extends above the Outside body.
                    my_regular_polygon(num_faces, radius_to_corners_mm);

And then modify the Drive Hole so it too extends above and below the base and there is no undetermined surface.

// Drive hole: with Change #2.
//linear_extrude(drive_height_mm)  // original line.
translate([0,0,-outside_height_mm/4]) linear_extrude(2*outside_height_mm)  // new line, increase extrusion size and shift down slightly...

The above two changes will let openScad render the part better. Obviously you've printed the part and it works, but openScad preview issues are eliminated if we do the above.

I've made another change to put a slight taper on the inside hole by using cylinders instead of your my_regular_polygon module. Here are the two changes we made to create a tapered fit. To do so we change the Main Polygon hole to use the cylinder function with two radius's. Then we add to the thickness of the side wall to account for larger top diameter on the inside.

        // Main Polygon hole: with Change #3 Using cylinder to create a taper of 1 mm radius.  (2 mm diameter change at the top).
            //linear_extrude(outside_height_mm - bottom_thickness_mm)      //Original linear_extrude
            //linear_extrude(outside_height_mm)                                           //New linear_extrude to fix openScad top surface
                //offset(filter_slop_r_mm)                                                        //Original lines using straight sided my_regular_polygon
                    //my_regular_polygon(num_faces, radius_to_corners_mm);  // Original lines
            cylinder( r1=radius_to_corners_mm, r2=(radius_to_corners_mm + 1),
                      h=(outside_height_mm-0.9*bottom_thickness_mm),$fn=outside_faces);  // New command to create tapered polygon.

Then add some width to the Outside Body as the top radius of the opening is going to be about 1 mm more.

        // Outside body: with Change #4 adding thickness to account for the larger tapered top.
            //my_regular_polygon(outside_faces, radius_to_corners_mm+wall_thickness_mm);  // original radius
            my_regular_polygon(outside_faces, radius_to_corners_mm+wall_thickness_mm+1); // new radius

Note that we eliminated the offset(filter_slop_r_mm) line and no longer make the inside radius larger to accommodate printing. If we make the taper correctly we no longer need to add a fudge factor and should go from a tight to loose fit. It may also help if we increase the depth slightly when we define the model.

This is great. Made one that fit perfectly on first print. Thanks for the careful OpenSCAD and easy doc. Well done.
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2752150 - Thanks!

75 mm 15 Flute Oil Filter Wrench

me made one for a peugeot 107 year 2012

faces 14
diameter 64mm
depth 25mm

it uses a wix7131 filter

on the box it also mentions:

oe 9015-y22j1
mann v68/3
knecht 0c534
purflux ls743
fram ph4967
filtron op572

Same spec for my mazda CX5 2014! used 64,25mm instead of 64mm but it has very very slight play.

Just used the customizer to render a version for my Volkswagen 2.0T TSI engine, fingers crossed! You saved me a lot of vernier caliper strokes and cad fiddling:) I'll report back with a "Made this" once I print it! thanks for posting

EDIT: Tool printed great, all ready for my oil change this weekend

Great idea, I was going to print that for my oil change, but the torque wrench got a 1/4 inch.
Would it be difficult to add that size to the customizer?

At that size, I suspect that the plastic would yield before the filter would break loose. However since you mentioned a torque wrench, it sounds like you might be considering it for installation, rather than removal -- in which case it might work.

2017 03 29: Done. Please tell us how it goes.

You are probably right, didn't think of that. So I printed it with 0.5 hole and made an adapter at 100% infill. Will report how it works.

This is great! Another perfect example of a use for a 3D Printer!!!

Thanks. My favorite thing about owning a 3D printer is when I can use it to solve a real problem, and in this case I was unable to find the right size tool anywhere, so I decided to make my own.