Duplo to Brio converter brick

by flummer Dec 1, 2011
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A little tight on my kids duplo pieces but that might be better with time. Excellent design, thank you !
I printet with PLA.

Struggling to get this to print properly on my flash forge pro. Just curious what settings are you using for ABS? infill, shells? I see that you didn't user supports and i'll continue to try that. But that leads me to my next question, are you printing this with the female connector side face down on the printing bed? ~ thank you!

Perfect fit to Duplo. Brio is not so good but works.

Hi fenak,

Thanks for the feedback... regarding the Brio fit, is it because it's too loose, or in what way do you see the fit slightly off?


https://www.dropbox.com/s/3b22syydeo89z6q/IMG_20170508_215426.jpg?dl=0 Left side is OK, right is very free and there is little gasp. Second problem is little step. Rail of the printer part is lower than rail of the brio (abou 1 mm).

Hi fenak,

Are they the official BRIO tracks or a compatible type? I don't remember those plastic connectors from the tracks that I have used and the official BRIO tracks seems to be somewhat lose between the tabs and holes, at least the ones I measured when designing this model.

I think I prefer to have the model a little too loose, rather that too tight.


I don't know the origin of my Brio. Think it has bought in IKEA.

Great thing! Printed one but will print more today. What % infil and how many perimeters better to use?

Cool, thanks!

I usually use 2 perimeters and for this I think it was something like 40-50% infill, to keep it relatively light. I'm normally printing this with 0.2mm layer height, though I think the ones in the main picture are with 0.3mm layers.


These are great. I've made 10 of them so far and they allow a lot of new track designs. They fit well with at least 3 or 4 different brands of track that we have plus the Duplos.

These printed fine on a stock Da Vinci 1.0 printer. There was only very minimal cleanup of the bridging required after the prints where I just had to pull off a few strands on the first bridged layer that didn't stick well. The Da Vinci slicing software ran this first bridging layer lengthwise which seemed less than ideal but it still did very well with it.

I just made one - it worked perfectly, snapped right onto our duplo!

The bridging necessary was really tough to do on my printer! Did you print it with support? I will post a pic :) Thanks for the great design!

I haven't used support when printing it on my Ultimaker. it does a bit of stringing and they hang down a little, but it's quickly evened out after a few layers and the top is nice and smooth.

Yup - my Printrbot is kinda shoddily calibrated at the moment, so the first two layers were waaaaay sloppy, and I had to reset the print. That being said - the end result is awesome!

Looks good, fits Brio traintracks well, but is not compatible with Lego Duplo. i.e. bad design.

this is brilliant. making this asap.

Nice improvement on my design! Less print time and less plastic!