X-Carve Y-Carriage Dust Covers

by phraust Mar 16, 2016
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Update..just made the left side..it fits perfect on my older late 2015 model xcarve 1000mm.....great design....thank you for your well done designing.....

I used them simply cause it's what I had lying around.

Thats great..imdo that all the time...imuse wat i got....and i love ur design..both fit like a glove....but maybe u shouldnt put that you used ball magnets....just say magnets..because now everyone thinks they need to use ball magnets which in reality arent the best to use..and hard to find .....im going to use 3 round flat magnets ....will hold fine...5 is unnecessary....i love it though thank you so much....its great

really not sure why he used ball magnets.they are not very well at holding....is there some engineering reason? just curious if im missing something

fyi a ball magnet would not hold as well as a flat round magnet..im only going to use 3 flat round magnets that should be plenty strong enough ..in a triangle shape using the holes in the part

they can be any magnet as long as they fit in the holes...you dont need ball magnets....im going to use just plain round magnets and press fit them in...untill flush

Are there any covers that work with this thing to cover the opposite side of this to cover up the wiring as well?

Do they need to be ball magnets specifically or would simple 6mmx3mm (1/4x1/8) disk magnets work? The disk magnets are a bit more common in my experience and I’m hoping not to have to buy the ball magnets in bulk online if it’s not needed. Just looking at the supplied pictures it doesn’t seem like they corespondent to anything particular like socket screw heads or anything that might need the ball shape. so my guess is the disks should work fine, but I figured it’s worth checking. Either way thanks for the great work!!!

Any other sources for the ball magnets?

Sorry, I bought a whole bunch of them, (still have like 50), so I'm not sure where to get them now. I recently bought some disc magnets from https://www.apexmagnets.com/ though, maybe they have something similar.

If you post the step files for this design, I'll similar covers for the other side of the Carriage!

I've added the 3DM files i use in rhino, hopefully those help.

Any chance you can post a step file for these?

I've added the 3DM files i use in rhino, hopefully those help.

@phraust - Would these fit the new generation X-Carve that came out at the end of 2016? (With the one piece gantry)


Honestly, I'm not sure. I think they just replaced the two rails with a single one that has the same (or very similar) dimensions, so it might. I'll have to take a look for the new specs and see.

@phraust - Just printed them today and they are a perfect fit on the X-Carve 2 (2016). Great design by the way - so happy I dropped you a modest tip.

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This is a beautiful, clean design job and in a bright contrasting color makes the X-Carve look pretty sweet (and a little more polished). They fit perfectly.

Just finishing up the printing on my TAZ 5 and they came out really nice - just waiting for the magnets to get here. I printed out a cover for the Z-Axis (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1326000) in matching ABS. I am attempting to design some covers for the wiring terminals on the gantry, and end-plate covers for the Y-Axis makerslides (mostly for the color accent).

Out of curiosity, what software did you use to create this design?

X-Carve Z axis Belt Cover and Knob
by nmackes

I use Rhino3D for modeling. Tried some of the other software out there, but I keep coming back to rhino.

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Excellent design, I printed a pair on my TAZ5 and they fit perfectly.

Where do you get 6.1mm ball magnets?

I bought 6mm ball magnets from this eBay seller: http://www.ebay.com/usr/thethackery
They worked perfectly with this model.