OpenForge 2.0 Cut Stone Magnetic Base Customizer

by devonjones Mar 17, 2016
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not sure if i cant find it, or if it doesn't exist, but the diagonal bases here have their corners "cut off" whereas the wall pieces are just directly down the diagonal(with 45 degree corners). so what im looking for are diagonal walls with the same 5-sided "right triangle" basic shape, OR mag bases that are cut directly down the diagonal. i may just be searching in the wrong places. i find it hard to believe im the only one who has had this problem. thanks

2x2 diagonal? not in downloads, but is in pictures?

The names appear to be broken, I'll fix, but they are there:

Last updated: 10-24-17
76 153kb

Last updated: 10-24-17
75 306kb

Last updated: 10-24-17
75 228kb

Last updated: 10-24-17
75 77kb

For some reason all of them are just named ?x4. I'll get that fixed, thanks.

This thing now handles Wyloch sized tiles

It would be spectacular if the description would mention TrueTiles (or True Tiles or both) so that this base would show up when people search for it. Maybe the description could indicate that this is a customizable model as well, such as having several different shapes and sizes printed as the main picture? I would supply one but I only am printing 2x2 for now.

I'm finding that 5mm magnetic balls are a VERY tight fit. Any advice for printing or scaling?

I actually clear the holes out with a drill press. the size is fine, but threads or other print problems can gunk it up. I used a 13/64" bit.

What size magnet do you use? the little balls ones? Also would the disc 5mm x 2mm fit? Or do you need the ball ones so the 'attract' the right way?

I use 5mm spherical magnets. The main problem with other magnets is that we can run into polarization problems, so I use captive sphere magnets so that they can spin appropriately to make the connection. Trying to get everything working with where you place the positive and negative is almost certainly going to result in some tiles that don't work with each other.

I am not getting a customize button, just the download button?

whoops, fixed