Garden Rake

by tlalexander Dec 3, 2011
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You might want to export a lower polygon count .stl file. 57mb is a bit overkill methinks.

Looks good, though!

Good call - I'm afraid of polys, heh. Uploaded a 7mb version.

Nice design, I wonder how much abuse a item like that can hold up to. I like the look of it though. One unrelated Q, did you paint the UM the same color as the tape on purpose or did that just happen? :) Looks like a picture taken from a catalog with all that nice lighting. Don't you know that you are supposed to only use crappy low light camera-phone pics? Make everyone look bad. Good job. :-P

It's an interesting side-discussion. Pictures like this, well staged and lit, look visually fantastic and really show off the technology. But, I also love seeing other pictures where you can see the random background items showing what someone else's shop or bot-cave look like. "Oooh, is that a solar charge controller I see in the background? Hey, I've got that same milling machine...", that kind of thing. I had a guy comment on one of my pictures saying "Hey, that's my (printed upgrade), glad you found it useful" or something like that.

Not sure I have a point here, coffee hasn't kicked in just yet.

Hah, thats an interesting point. I've got some more pictures here:


Though I noticed by instinct I was always trying to keep peripheral crud out of the images. My "bot-cave" is also my living room, and quite messy, so I think I was avoiding people finding out just how messy I am! I really need to clean around there...

Though if you look carefully at full resolution copies of the first few pictures, you may notice some "interesting" things in my DVD collection. :)

The color scheme was on purpose, as was the lighting - I'm a photographer. :) And I don't want to make everyone feel bad! Just non-Ultimaker owners. ;)

Hahah ROFL totally agree, please start using crappy light+camera! :-D :-D