Mmintbox 1 Enclosure

by Vector_Mayhem Aug 29, 2013
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When printing the top, face down, the two screw holes are so close to the bevel that the curve becomes open to the platform by say one or two layers. If you look at some makes, you will see the printer then can't bridge the curved edge/hole and the print is poor at the screw hole. I really like the case, but could we get the bevel to be say 50% the width it is now. Then the screw holes would have a flat edge rather than the bevel. I have not tried adding a support, to the edge of the hole, it would only be I think 1-2 layer high, but I think the bevel would be a better solution.

Can you make it fit an Arduino Mega2560.
I have made it into my filament box, works perfectly!

made a thing of the buttons but separated so you can print with non-flexible
please feel free to include in your post

individual buttons for Mmintbox

thanks creat work, i try many day make own box but sketchup no can mAde anything, alltime come all wrong, not connect all stl wireframe and print only other layer not all. but this file help me lot, but how and what software i can change some little thinks all STL files what i load at thinkverse ?
sketchup make one simple plate were have one hole wrong, not print all layers but cura show all have right, how i can make own file ?

Any advise on the oogoo mold step? I've been meaning to try out the stuff for a while. I just tried it on this project, with about 1:1 mix, and it hasn't set up yet (12 hr now). Should I try a different ratio? Also, it seems to stick very well to the mold (printed in nGen). Did you note this? Maybe I should spray the mold with an oil.

I suppose I could just print the button pad in NinjaFlex. For those that have printed the button pad in hard plastics, did you use a lot of supports?

could you please provide the fusion 360 or model itself other than the stl, i need to merge it with another model for a school project.

Use the STEP files, they are a neutral CAD format.

thanks, man this helps out a lot.

Hi "Vector_Mayhem". As a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association, I now have access to SolidWorks (educational version) and would like to make more minor mods to the enclosure for air pressure tubing and wires for my angle of attack indicator. Could you please post the SLDPRT files for the latest version with the power and USB openings adjusted and the side face knock-out? Thanks! Dave

Updated SW files added. See Mmintbox_SW2015_Assembly.zip.

Hi! I used the Mmintbox to make a Wakeup Light for my kids. It got featured on the Instructables Technology section and the Arduino blog!

Wow, great design! Could you also provide STL files for the case that fits the Arduino Mega? Thanks in advance!

It already fits the Mega, you just can't use the protoboard.

One, will this work with shields and two, what lcd displays will fit in this design. Ty for reading :)

Hey Love the design... i tried importing this into fusion 360 .... I have the model loaded but my 3d drawing skills are lacking to say the least.

I was trying to modify the length and width of the box to be larger and then move the enclosure top layer for the adafruit lcd setup to be centered horizontally on the x axis and then shifted downwards on the y axis, I also wanted to deepen the box

any thoughts on how to easily achieve this?

Suggestion for modification: The bottom surface of the two openings for power and USB should be only 1/16" higher than the stand-off posts on the bottom of the case (PCB thickness), otherwise the Arduino board doesn't lie flat at that end. The openings keep the board elevated. So I have had to file down this area to achieve a proper fit.
Also, given the prohibitive cost of Solidworks for the hobbyist, never mind the learning curve, would it be possible to ask for an enhancement to the geometry? I have to cut out the right hand end to accommodate a 10-segment LED as you can see in the "MADE" section of this website; the unit dated August 3, 2015. A punch-out opening would make life much easier (and neat), since I plan to make several of these devices using this 3D-printed enclosure.
In anticipation of a positive response, the knock-out opening is located at approximately mid point of the right-hand end of the box. The opening is 10.4 mm high by 25.6 mm wide. Vertical location is 5.3 mm below the top and 9.0 mm above the bottom of the box. Horizontal location is 23.3 mm from the front and 25.6 mm from the rear, measured at approximately mid height of the trapezoidal end of the box.

I have added updated STLs implementing your suggestions. Thanks for the feedback!

Outstanding! Thanks for making the change, and especially for the knock-out window on the end! VERY much appreciated.
Just curious how a 3D printer can complete the box bottom without supports for the USB and external power openings!?!?!?

They are fairly small bridges; some printers are able to print them in midair without sagging much. Or it can be taken care of by supports generated by the slicing program. Strategies for generating supports have improved since I created the design in 2013, so I figured it made sense to add a support-free version since I was making new STLs anyway.

Please can you load the individual files for JUST the box or JUST the lid, it's easier to print out how you like then!



I have separated the STLs in the updated files I just added. Thanks for the feedback!

Would it be possible to get the source files for these? and which cad program did you use?
I want to get one of these printed, but I also want to extrude it to be thicker, so that it will take the arduino, the shield, and a second shield such as a prototype shield, as well as have room for a standard 4 AA cell battery holder, or a 6 AA cell battery holder behind it. I think this is as simple as just changing the height for the box portion. Additionally, I would like to have a version without any holes on the side, but printed thin knockouts for the power, usb etc on the ends of the box so it would be sealed, but could be cut open for access to those items. The objective is a housing for a metal detector, that does not want any external holes other than the keypad and the faceplate.

There is a zip file with the Solidworks 2013 source files in the thing files.

Can you please post STL files for the keypad shield board and arduino board?

May I ask when these might be available? And where did you find the rubber keypads for your design?

Hello, the file of the case was too big for my printer, you would like the case and two files available?

Hi sola_technical!
Could you post an STL file for the buttons too?

Button pad added.

This looks great! I think I see that there is room on the right for a 9V battery to be placed inside -- is this true?

That is correct.