Geeetech Aluminum Prusa I3 Anti-Wobble Bracket

by JimmyShawsTidbits Mar 18, 2016
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It works good.
But i own a Geeetech Prusa i3 Pro X and it uses 8mm rods.
So i had to Edit the parts a bit.

But... good job !

This looks like a great mod. I'm fixing to print these out and give them a try. A tip i can share for fixing the captive nut wont fit into the printed piece is to use a cigarette lighter and heat the metal nut to "finger burning temp" and press it into the plastic... it will melt the plastic instead of cracking it and the nut will fit tight and you won't need to print another.

Wish I tried this sooner, now I do not need a new printer yet. So much better. Not perfect, but certainly a improvement.

Nice work.

Done. This small thing helped a lot. Thank you!

Really want to try this but is there a way I can send you a picture of my setup so you can tell me if you think it will work

Sure. Send it to jimmyshawstidbits@gmail.com

Works like a charm, thanks you very much !!

Now that this issue is fixed, i'm working on the cooling of the pla while it prints, any suggestions ?

Did you find something?
I'm interested too.

Your anti-wobble are damn good !!!!!

Many many thanks!

Aim to print these soon. Just a hint that works for me. When inserting any metal fittings, I heat them up first with my heat gun. They usually slide in easily then :-)

That is a great idea!

Out of shear curiosity, why are your threaded rods all grey in the first image?
They almost look painted.
I take it that is some sort of grey grease?

I use white lithium grease. After a while it turns grey for some reason.

printed these up with PLA at 100% infill.
NO MORE Z WOBBLE AT ALL! WOW! great youtube channel too buddy

I thought it might be. It's turning grey from the fine metal on metal fillings.

Next time you do maintenance on your printer, or the Z axis where you have it apart. If you have access to a buffing wheel, polish the threaded rod to a high luster. Don't get it too hot doing so or spend too much time on one spot. Just an overall quick high polish will do the trick. It'll make it smoother and you'll see it doesn't turn grey as quick. (Make sure you clean off any rouge after polishing). You might see the fit to the nut ever so slightly looser, but since the nut rides on top of the threads it shouldn't effect printing, it'll just make it that much more smooth as the carrier moves along the Z axis.

Anyway, I printed a set out. I added the nut(s) in during print (see image) that way I didn't have to waste filament on supports. They came nice. Less the Z wobble of course.

I'm going to smooth the contact surface and install them today. I might add a thin fender washer between the carrier (3D printed) and the contact point on the Anti wobble guides just to give it a nice surface to slide on.

Hoping for the best.
Thanks for sharing your model/design.

  • chase -

If anyone buys a prusa i3 this is the first mod that HAS to be done. Omg my prints went from good to WOOOW!!!

are the nuts you use METRIC?

mucho garcias dude! im in europe and aint nothing else here to use! i guess made in china has a use after all

No problems im sure there is a close imperial equivalent if you cant get hold of a metric M8

metric is all we have in europe buddy, i be making these this week

Works perfectly with my Geeetech Acrylic Prusia i3. I managed to get a lot of the wobble out but this very simple design removed all the wobble I had left. Perfectly smooth prints now. Printed it at 0.2mm layer with 11% infill. Did some extra grinding on it (since before I had them there was still wobble on the print)

Thanx for sharing, I was just about to ask that question.

Edit: You do mean with the printed carriers on the Acrylic, not with the Metal Upgrade Carriers on the Acrylic...right?

Just a question. What should be the fill %? I'm so going to print these tomorrow!

The last set I did at 90%. I prefer them to be fairly solid to compensate for any ware.

This bracket is amazing! Forget using Lead Screws on the Geeetech Aluminum Prusa i3, it's a pain in the but and causes lots of problems. Keep the threaded rods and use these brackets. They are great.

Definitely giving these a try in a few days! I have a bit of Z wobble that is driving me nuts. These look like they will do the trick perfectly. Thanks for the work.

Please let me know how it works.

i love your YouTube channel. i have an acrylic is and will print his up this weekend and give it a go buddy!
keep up keeping on!

Fixed my z-banding issue it looks like :).

Nice video especially the last part. That was the clincher for me where the reason for this part was shown. You should post a couple of before/after images with this post, you could "grab" from your video.

Printed out the THINGI - from my remix [ http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1431036 ] The results are fantastic. All traces of Z banding have gone. Thanks for this.

Geeetech Al Anti Z Wobble Remix

Thank you! I'm glad it helped.