Smartrapcore Z axis with trapezoidal screw (New design)

by oikos Mar 18, 2016
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Can you share the STEP for version wich fits LM6UU ?

Any chance to get it for a 1605 ballscrew? and a bed 450 with the rods at 150mm from the center (ballscrew) and the plate support's arms/holes at 200mm (both L and R) :) ask is free :P
great job anyway :D

What is the purpose of the embossed nuts on the rail clamps? I like this design, very clean... Thanks

I have added imprint for a better fixation of the hexagonal nuts

Does anybody have modified this support? I'm looking for a version with longer arms (on bed) and a bigger spacing between two RODS of each side. I have a little bigger printer (500x500) and would be better if I can space more the two RODS of each side. I know that STEP files are published, but I just know the 'basic' of 123D Design and since the plate isn't 'square', I'm lost.....that why I'm asking if someone has moddified this. Tks!

The support in CNC cutting is not obligatory, a wooden board cut by hand will be effective also ... Or you can add a frame in ALU structure 20x20 , cut to the size you desire and fixed on the piece "Support_plateau.stl"

Tks for reply! But "Support_plateau" is exactly what I'm looking for little longer, in both X and Y axis. In Y axis (distance between RODS), the distance of points are about 121mm......since my current printer has limitation of 180mm, extending this support to 170mm would be perfect! It's a little, but helps. Also, the 'arms' in X axis could be longer to help hold longer tables (that one cutted in CNC). I have an CNC and I'm planing to cut my table in CNC too. Just "Support_plateau" that I'm trying to make a little longer (without success)

Could you make me a little sketch (by hand) with the measurement? If I can I will make the changes ... ;)

Ok dice I have a little time I do it ...

Thank you very much! But what 'dice' means? hehehehehe...

It means now! ... hehehe

I had to redraw the piece ... so tell me if it's ok ;)

Worked like a charm! :) Thank you very much! I'm just finishing my printer and will post pictures here. Can you share the STEP for this larger version? The only thing that I would change if diameter for LM8UU...for ABS, it's a little small....but that's an easy change that I do know how to do :) Tks again!

ok I put the step file.
Yes, it would be nice to put a picture of the montage (if possible), thank you in advance

You're fast! :) It's late now and I'm going to sleep, but looks like is PERFECT! Tomorrow I'll try to print and post the result here. Thank you very much! Great design!


Je ne comprend pas le système de réglage de niveau du bed, en particulier la superposition des trois écrous, en principe 1 seul suffit si on empêche l'écrou de tourner (et si on le bloque un peu en vertical)

L'épaisseur d'un seul écrou M3 a moins de rigidité qu'avec trois qui eux auront plus de portance le long de la vis, de rigidité (donc de précision) et ne fléchiront pas dans leur logement.

merci, il faut que la dimension intérieur de l'hexagone soit bien ajusté, sinon effet écrou/contre écrou et ça bloque

Je viens de monter le plateau, c'est pas mal en effet, avec une peu de réglage.

Effectivement je repasse un coup de taraud dedans une fois assemblé.
Si le coeur t'en dit, n'hésite pas à partager quelques photos ;)

nice dude
can you mod this for 10mm bearing ?

I added step files for that ...