Raspberry Pi 3 B Case

by jayftee Mar 19, 2016
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works great and fits perfect to my pi. not sure if you intended it to be, but the bottom was actually a very snug fit. i had to carefully press the pi into it. once it was in, i could tip the whole thing over and the pi wouldn't fall out. which is awesome because i know when i go to install it all into the bigger system i have planned, i know that it won't move or jiggle around at all. absolutely perfect design for my intended purpose. also, thank you for the variety of tops and bottoms.

Does the B+ have the same dimensions, will this fit?

Yes, if you scroll down a bit, the answer was already in the comments :D

you are my first proper print :O vented version in silver wanhao mini i3 ... thank you for your time and effort my new pi3+ will have a home soon :)

Glad you like it, and don't forget to post your make, I always love to see how my design help others :P

Really clean design, thanks for posting it! I'm going to re-mix it to work with a QR mount, which will be posted in the next week or so once I get it printed and tested.

Glad you like it :D

Thanks ! I didn't know if the "B" met anything different. But another person said that the physical size is the same, so on to printing..........

Do you know if this will fit a Pi 3 ? Thanks !

Euh, the title of the model says Raspberry Pi 3 B Case, so I guess it will. :P

And it will also fit Pi 2.

Great case! Exactly what I didn't want to have to do myself.

Hi Jayftee,
I printed one for my new Pi3 B+ and it doesn't fit 100%.
Had to sand away a part of the smaller strut (between NW+USB) because of an especially bulky smd-cap.
Still looking for the other place that gets in the way, but suspect the other strut.
Nonetheless, thanks for the great slim design.

The case is an absolute thight fit. When printed in ASB people report they have to enlarge the piece by 1%.

In PLA, which I work with, if your printer is properly tuned, you should be fine.

Mind you, I print with a .35 JHead, so, if you have a .5 head, maybe it turns out some parts become thicker than intended.


I had the same issue, but a little clipping and sanding did the trick. It is definitely a tight fit - but that makes for a nice small footprint also! Check your posts/screw posts, I had to take a little off the posts to get the fit I wanted and I also found that the "walls" (at the ending points) had a couple of bumps on them from my printer.

torgefaehrlich I hope this helps you a little!

Ich habe dein File etwas abgeändert für mich verwendet, vielen Dank für die Vorlage.

Hi, very nice case!
Can you create bottoms with closed sd card?

Source file is included, have a go at it :P

Does this fit with heatsinks? I'm hoping it does.

It does as long as tour heatsinks are not taller than the usb ports

any chance to get this without the audio and video ports... dont need them for my use.. just power and USB... have even been thinking about removing the network port on mine for octiprint because i only need 1 usb port

The Fusion 360 source file is included. If you cant use Fusion, feel free to modify the stl files directly.

This is going to help me a lot

I really like the minimal design and tight fit. Nice work. Thanks for including options (logo, vents) in the files!

Glad you like it.

Very nice case, could you add opening for GPIO pins and Pi Camera ribbon?

If you look closely, there is a top for that, its not pictured, but its there in the stl you can download

Ill see if Lowes has some. I also want to finish it somehow, since it looks a little grainy at .25 height.

Nice... I printed one but don't have M2.5 Screw laying around :(

If you look at my other cases, they use M3.....

That is what I had to use - local Home Depot didn't have the M2.5

Thanks so much for the top with fan option. Making it right now.

Comments deleted.

Very nice work. Could you please add a honeycomb top option like on your B+ case?

Its been uploaded, I hope you like it.

Looks great, thank you!