Frame brace for Anet A8

by Simhopp Mar 21, 2016
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I have Anet a8 bought in october, I have to scale de rear (and bigger) brace?

Motor holder part of the brace bent after months of use.

This Brace made my Anet A8 (bought 08.Nov.2017) wobble as the bottom layer was too big.

id love to use your front frame brace but it wont fit my Omni M505- the bolt holes are too high up for the M8 threaded rod to go through mine measures up about 216mm centres and about 16mm up from the base. haven't checked if the back one will fit but i know the front won't as i printed one off then was gutted when it didnt fit.

ok im a little confused with this. I see a file for the front brace called 2 and one is 2_45. i have the newest Anet A8 as of 7/1/17. which file do i dl. Also im using S3D. Do i need to scale the front or back part?

they are the same models, only one is rotated 45 degrees.

I am thinking of remixing the back brace with y-axis motor mount.
Any suggestions?

Frame brace with y axis motor mount for Anet A8
by ykimhi

Just one small thing, the heat bed carriage gets stuck against the rear frame support. It needs to be 2 mm lower where the Y bearings move.

the manufacturer changed their design.
If you can be more specific, I can try to modify the area.

Did you ever make the 2mm adjustment? I'm about to print a lot of these and I'd like to know whether the STL is still being kept updated.

Thanks for the great design! This is/was a fantastic idea. It helps these acrylic framed printers punch way above their price point.

It is the area under the bearing rod for Y. On my printer it sticks upp about 3 mm above the factory acryllic.

that doesn't really help, upload a photo.

Has anyone done a bracket or brace to link all these up under subframe (where the hot plate moves at the front) so that the tension of the belt is removed from acrylic all together?

This is the closest thing that Ive found: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2045010

Y-axis rework for Anet A8

I think a lot of newbies - like me get confused about this. if I open in Cura or SLic3r - it lays the model front to back of hotbed and reduces the size. I dont know how to resize in Cura - but in Slic3r I can scale up aimimg for 235mm diagonal its syill a problem! So hopefully maybe somebody who knows the A- 2 - Z of the process can tell us all! ( Please) ( Pretty Please) ( Groveling)

I just uploaded stl file with the brace turned 45 degrees, see if that helps.

my bed is 220x220 and I tried the 1.16 scale but its way too big for the bed, what do I do wrong?

Mine does not fit on the print bed in cura, do I need to scale it or will it not work if I do that?

turn it 45 degrees

What printer is your cura set to

It still doesn't fit

get rid of the brim or skirt. it should fit on your 220mm x 220mm bed

I have the latest anet a8. Do i have to to scale the rear brace and in that case how? im a beginner and dont understand how to do that in Cura.
Can I print this in layer height 0.3?

Yes 0.3mm is ok. You have to measure how big the gap is on your printer and then measure the dimension of the stl file. If they are different sizes you have to scale.

Can someone please post a link to a fixed back brace for me, Mine keeps coming out wrong on my Anet A8 with the 220x220mm bed. I've tried to do the 1.16 ratio to the Y but i'm messing something up bad. If you could please post a link or maybe the scaling that you used for XYZ in mm so I can plug it into my slicer. My back plate flexes bad and I want to get this before I can't. Thank you guys.

did you put that 1.16 in the mm box in cura or the % box?

Scaling is by factor. You can do that in 'Repetier', where you place your object. There are several possibilities like scaling an mirroring.

I'm using cura and the only thing when placing the object for scaling is two boxes next to each the XYZ. One box is for adjusting in mm and the other is for adjusting the percentage. There is no scaling by factor in cura. Is factor the same as percentage?

Yes and no Scaling factor 1.16 equals 116 %.

This was a perfect fit with no modifications to size for the latest Anet A8. No screws needed for back brace, just a little brute force to install it. be cautious with the front brace as it warped on my print at Square 20% infill. The back brace was done with triangles at 20% and is much sturdier.

which brace file u used 2 or 2_45

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Thank you Xenofiler for mentioning that it will work with the latest Anet AT. This will be my first modification for my new printer

Congrats on the design. Sorry about the offtopic. But how do you got the acrylic transparent? The stock os black right?

There are two versions, black and transparent.

Black frame seem to be more popular.

I don't know if the manufacturer has discontinued transparent version.

Hi, I'm new into 3D printing. I just print out the front brace....as for the rear brace, I read the comments that I've to scale to fit the new Anet A8 model right? Mine is the latest batch version...the hotbed size 220x220x240....plus, how do I scale them in Cura? Thank you in advance :)

so they changed to the newer design with black acrylic, does this model still work for the new design?

Did you print this? i just pulled mine off after an hour because it looked too big and it was.

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A8 with bigger buildplate. Just scale y-direction (1.16) - rest fits.
Big improvment of print quality.

Thank you.

scale it in the mm section or percentage section on cura?

So am I getting this right, new A8 owners have to scale both front and rear braces by 1.16 on y-axis? Just want to make sure cause it's a very long print. Thanks

No, it's only the rear brace (if you have the bigger bed). Measure it before printing.

they changed frame designs too?

Yes. It is labelled "CooCheer" and has a 220mm+270mm hotbed.

Is it compatible with Anet A6 model?


A8 and A6 have significant size difference, and of completely different design.

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Where is the original frame brace file (as seen in Picture #2)?

you mean picture #1 ?

I did not keep any prototype version files.

but it is not to difficult to modify these models yourself.

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The one that is pictured in the belt tensioning mod (that links to here):


For some reason, it looks different. I just want to make sure they will both work together.

Belt tensioning modification for Anet A8
by Simhopp

Actually, I see it now. They should be the same and work together. Thanks for the reply!

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Hi. I have just ordered my A8 and I'm looking at modifications.

I've seen these frame braces and they say you need to upgrade the drive belts. Where do you get the belts from? Is there a spec for them so I can search in the UK?


you don't have to, but if you want to increase tension on the belt,
normal belt will not last.
you want fiberglass reinforced belt.

search for fiberglass GT2 6mm belt.
GT2 means teeth are 2mm apart, and the belt is 6mm wide.

Thanks Simhopp, I'll check that out.

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If the manufacturer has changed their design, there is nothing I can do about it.

you will need to modify the model mesh to fit those changes.

I would know if i can print this frame brace with mine anet a8 or i can have other 3d printer.

I'm not sure whether you are asking if this frame will fit other printer models,

or you are asking this frame can be printed on Anet A8.

this frame will only fit Anet A8 printer, or exact clone of it.

and yes, you can print this frame on Anet A8, you will need to rotate the front frame 45 degrees though.

Hello do I need support for any of this parts, I think it looks like "frame_brace_2" it's ok but I don't know about frame_brace will that be ok without support thanks in advance

frame brace do need support from build plate, because of the little overhang in the back side.

This is really nice. And here I was wondering what I would print when I got my printer. Great pics.

Could you give more some details for print?, infill, layer ... i'm newbie with the printer.

well, 2mm shell top, bottom, side, and 20% infill should be enough.
more is stronger.

layer depends on your nozzle size, so, I can't recommend specific value.

could you add this to the model description please, these are key to printing the model correctly.

My nozzle size is the default gearbest anet A8, nozzle diameter 0.4mm. The filament is 1.75mm. Any more suggestion?

usually, layer size should be half of the nozzle size.

therefore 0.2mm

but you can try 0.1mm, 0.25mm and 0.3mm if you like.

experiment, my friend.

Does the back brace just sit there or do you have to screw it in somehow?

you could put two screws through the holes, but it is not really necessary.


Frame brace for Anet A8

How long does this take to print? The front brace that is?

depending on the printer setup.

your slicer will give you estimate.

Good job, this makes the most stable printer. I would like to see if I can send me the "Curaengine the repetier configuration" also purchase a printer A8 Anet Alisexpress but never received the fille.


go to files section to download firmware

Anet A8 button guide
by Simhopp

FrameBrace2 show on Repetier as being larger than my print bed. Is this true or is something wrong?
(my bed is 220x220)

you have to rotate the model 45 degrees to print.

Im trying to rotate but i dont see the way to do it, wont fit , im doing something bad..

since it is so easy to rotate model in Cura or other slicer software,
I don't know what else to say.

i mean, i know how to rotate but i tried rotating to some positions but still wont fit =C i try the other model that is a little small
Thanks anyway

Can you provide a picture of how this is setup?

photos are up now.

so, now the stress from belt tension will be on the y axis motor shaft, rather than on the acrylic frame.

How is this any different than a steel frame?

I don't think there is steel frame for this printer model that you can buy readily, for one thing.

and to print out these parts would cost less than $5.

how much would steel frame cost?

But does this part provide the same stability as a steel frame? I'm just curious because I have this exact same printer and find that it wobbles a lot. I was thinking of upgrading to a steel frame.

main purpose of these parts are to reduce the chance of acrylic frame from cracking due to the bending.

For Anet a6 you can do?