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Landing gear for 3dlabprints P51D mustang

by donandtheresa Mar 21, 2016
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Can you make landing gar for another persons 3d printed plane like electronoobs 3d printed spitfire?

I could try, but it may be awhile. Give me a link to the plane.

Do you have some flight video with landing gears on it?

No I do not. I just had the video of it driving around in the driveway. I designed some better landing gear for the spitfire and if that works well then I will design the mustangs landing gear the same way making these obsolete.

hey, did this ever happen?

Im sorry I have not made any improved gear as of yet been working on other things.

Nice! I'm working on the flaps, and i have a rudder ready if you want it, its on mine. Haven't test flown yet, but its operational.

hello! I would like to buy your P51 model drawings, how to pay?

I am not sure what you mean by the drawings. Are you talking about the actually mustangs stl files? Those you buy from 3dlabprint.com they are not mine. As far as the accessories I designed for it such as the exhaust or landing gear you just click the download button for those stls are free . Let me know if that helps

ok! I understand your mind ,thank you very much!

Sure I would love to check it out. how can I get it from you?

Message me on facebook, I'll send you a zip. Www.Facebook.com/Kyle.Currier/

They will also be on here when I'm done with the flaps and tail vent / shroud (behind air cooling scoop there's supposed to be a vent, I'm making a cover for it so you can open it up.

A note about the rudder - you will need to remove that tail and replace with the modified one. But... Uncure (the stuff that breaks down CA) will fog the plastic pretty badly wherever it touches. And I can't seem to buff it off of mine. So maybe consider 2 fuselages. Then you can switch them for your flying area or needs at the time.

do you mean youll post them on here?

If he post it will be on his account not mine

I meant thingiverse lol