Fully Assembled Ball Bearing

by barspin Aug 31, 2013
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Works fine, little stuck sometimes.

I printed this and it looked beautiful but the support was impossible to remove, almost like it was intended to be fused. Any ideas on why?

This was tricky for me to print. Best i can tell is that the filament used is somewhat critical. I used Hatchbox PLA in Silver with no issues. The ball support popped off with a small screw driver and the bearing works great. I wanted to try the new bronze color I have (same brand) and with the same gcode and printer the bronze bearing failed twice now. The support for the balls sticks to the ball and removal tears the bottom of ball off. I tried a second time and tweaked the temps with slightly better results. (Only 4 of the balls were damaged instead of 6)

Frustrating because it looks great in bronze.

Thank you for this, i was just looking for this bearing as i'm awaiting for my bearings in the post... Anyways, i was surprised that the balls are actually moving, great work. I printed these with a Markforged TWO printer, no supports were needed it come out perfect. Now the most exiting part is to fit these on my printer as a temp fix. Thanks for sharing this!

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What are the dimensions, particularly the inner and out diameters? Thanks

Measurements taken from the part i just printed:
Dimensions ID: ~ 8.07mm (.317")
Dimensions OD: 21.45m (.844")
Thickness: 8.0mm (.315")

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i have scaled your model to 30%, it is difficult to remove the support but it works amazing thanks :)

Print worked great. Thanks. I also was able to print successfully at 50% scale. It is a bit stiffer and freeing everything up was a bit of a hassle, but it works.

What settings did you print this at?

I successfully printed this at .2 layer height with 20% infill. Do not add supports. There will be a 'support' you pull off the bottom of the bearings when it is finished. Works great

Huumm, dimensions to provide, you must...

yay im the 500th like

Can i scale it? like 0.5

Just perfect, awesome work, thanks!

What cad program did you use to make this?

I printed one it came out perfectly. I used a pair of pliers to break the support and removed it easily. It spins perfectly.

i wasn't able to separate the final object from the support without breaking the whole thing

Thanks for the link, i´ve now made this one a remix!

Please upload a version without included support.

Made one, went great! The only annoying part was removing the support as they sticked uite well to the balls. In the end I got them with little pliers.

Exact same scenario... It took a lot of force to remove the support...

Excellent end result though, this is an amazing technique for 3D printing! Makes me rethink how to design parts!

Blir kulorna verkligen runda? Har läst att det kan vara svårt att få dom det?

quelles balles