Wanhao i3 Glass Bed Brackets

by dumbcomputers Mar 24, 2016
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Hi man, brilliant design!
Can you extend the design to keep the glass pushed down on the bed frame? As you surely know, wanhao bed always has some warping. Clipping the glass directly to the bed provides an absolutely flat surface.
With your design, you can restrain x and y movement, but minor warping will result in a glass higher (z) in a corner or in another.
Is there a way to mix your design with something like this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1297107 or this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1721985


Clip glass bed for Prusa i3 / Wanhao Duplicator i3 with screw lock - Update
by JonBAL
Glass Bed Clip (Screwless)
by berky93

Just finished printing, should have took the stl into blender and ungrouped all four just to print one, would have saved filament and time.
This doesnt fit a Wanhao i3 Duplicator Plus.

Both the print bed and bolt location are different, will modify the model to take these differences into account.

Absolutely brilliant. Thank you!

I attached the glass without thinking about my ducted cooling fan

Can you make another version where the clamps work with an 8x8 inch bed?

Could you provide the original 3d cad file so that I can update it for the v2.1?

Did this ever happen? I'd like to have these, but it's obvious from the design that they won't fit the 2.1 model Duplicator.

I've should really have read the comments before printing these for my 2.1 XD

I don't think so but since I don't have one so I can't confirm.

No worries, I was just letting folks know that after printing it out it doesn't fit the newer ones.

So how exactly does this work? are these brackets the only thing keeping the glass in place as in you can just pull the glass off the bed and replace it without anything else?
Also even printing these in ABS wouldn't the brackets get a bit soft while printing let's say ABS with a heatbed at 100C?

After a few months of constantly being clipped down on the printer, I noticed that a couple of my brackets (printed in Hatchbox ABS) were looking a little squashed. I mainly print PLA (no enclosure, and I'm generally in the same room as the printer), so I'm not sure exactly when that happened. It was almost certainly during one of the rare prints I did in ABS or PETG.

They still work fine, however.

Any chance you or someone else could update this for the v2.1? I printed it and it didn't fit. The screws were too far in. each screw in about 8mm from the edge on both sides.