Rotational Axis for Lasercutter

by LeChuck Sep 1, 2013
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Hey I find this very nice! We have an epilog laser cutter I want to build this and try it! But van I ask you which software do you use for send it to print? I assume that you have to visualize the engrave in 3D?

no it stays 2D. just one axis in the lasercutter has been unplugged at the motor and then wired to the rotator device.
using same software as before.

Thanks yzorg! I will buy one of this at some point! What about the pulleys? The exterior ones are easy to find but this other ones that rotates the bamboo? From where have you got those ones? Sorry for all the answers :-P

where did you get the pulleys and wheels from to build this? I'm finding it very difficult to find pulleys and wheel that are the same diameter.

How big of an item can this engrave?

What type/brand of laser cutter are you building/using.

I developped it for our lasersaur opensource lasercutter but you should be able to use it on any lasercutter if you can get your hands on the same servo your machine uses.