HTC Vive controller stand and charging station

by SG-O Mar 25, 2016
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Does this work for controllers that have a rubber protection cover? The cover is about 1/32nd inch thick, and it wraps around the whole base. I'm not sure how much leeway that this model gives so I thought I'd ask.

The design will not work with a cover without modifications. You could try to scale the prints by 3%. This should do the job.

Thanks for the design. I used the inserts for the original cable here with the remix at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1527199 (no room to for the nice big stand here). The fit for the cables is nice and snug & clicked in on my print.

HTC Vive controller mount and charging station

Hey how do you know which plug to use? I can't really find measurements of plugs for magnetic miniusbs on Amazon.

This is awesome. I see that someone modified it for a wall mount version. I am trying to purchase a magnetic charger that will fit one of the templates you have included. Do any of your templates fit these: http://www.amazon.com/Magnetic-Charging-Display-Motorola-Smartphones/dp/B01CL7OK00?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=ox_sc_act_title_1&smid=AMP65VKBNOQJU
or perhaps you could recommend one that fits your template? I see here that the magnetic adapters are viable. https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/4gvgip/vive_controller_magnetic_charging_cables_uk/

Thank you for your time and this awesome design!!

Did you ever figure out which one? I have the same and would like to know as well.

I really like your design, but it's a little too wide for my print bed. is this the required width for stability?

Anyone willing to print these up? I'm willing to pay :)

Sure thing! I am making one this evening! Just pay shipping and a few bucks to cover the material?

ABSOLUTELY! Please just let me know how much you want for materials and what the shipping charge is and consider yourself paypal'd! If the first turns out well, would you mind making a second and shipping two out to me?

oh man, I REALLY appreciate it!

my address for the shipping estimate is:

didn't realize my comment was public!

please email me at the following for my address


I can definitely print two for you! I'll post a few pictures of the stands in action with the controllers when I get them done! I tried to print one last night for myself, but I went to sleep and my filament got twisted so it failed half way through (these bad boys take 5hrs each on my Ultimaker 2)!

listen, I really appreciate this, can't say thanks enough! there will be a bit extra in the PayPal for your trouble.

if I may ask, there is a Kickstarter for a company that is making eye glasses frames that snap into the vive and you get your prescription in them. they have their design ready for 3D print for thisewhowant to try before they get their molded versions. I was wondering if you would be able to print two frames for me? they should go much faster than the stands and I will of course cover your expenses.

in any case, thank you for the stands! I hope you are enjoying your vive as much as I am!

WHOA, cool concept- I just checked out the VR Lens Lab and judging by the photo they look like they will take no time at all to print! I don't see a .stl file at first glance so you may have to shoot me the link!

As for the VIVE, it's epic! My husband "thought" he bought it for himself.... Shut up and take all my money STEAM!

I thought they were forme but my girl is more addicted than I am! I think I've bought just about everything so far :)

here is the link to their page with the download, I f you could do that also, you are awesome!


where are you located?

Which USB addin should I use for the included USB cables?

Thanks to the awesome sirkerrald on Reddit I now have the correct dimensions. The new add in has been released under the name "BaseUSB_Vive".

Which is the correct one for the Pre cables?

The official Vive add in should also work for the Pre cables. (Make sure that the USB plug is about 12mm by 6mm)

Printing one now, seems quite big. What are the final printed dimensions for the base?

Yes, the base station is quite large. The "two fingered" part is 198,837 mm long and 159,737 mm wide. The complete base is 87,965 mm high. I chose to make the stand's footprint that large to ensure that even if people aren't careful when inserting the controller the stand doesn't simply fall over. Other possibilities to achieve this would be to add a large weight to the bottom of the base (most ways to do that would be hard and/or expensive). Another way of securing it on a surface would be to use sticky tape (not all people want to have a permanently mounted stand for their controllers.) The base is also that high, because the interchangeable add in's will have to accept a large variety of different USB-Cables, so I measured all the cables I could find and chose the height accordingly.
If you have suggestions in which way I could improve the design, or if you want an additional stand design that uses one of the other methods of mounting described above, please just tell me and I will see what I can do.
Good luck with your print!

What about the wrist straps?

There is a slot on the rear side of the stand that provides enough space for the wrist strap. So there is no need for them to be removed.

Thanks for the information. Nice design!