Parametric split-hub printable bearing

by whosawhatsis Dec 9, 2011
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I made this to test my circurles and found my belts were not tight enough, so thx for this. I managed to make a good copy.

impressive, I love to see things that start to go beyond the standard non-printed equivalent.

now, when you say round/spherical beads are you referring to printed beads or something else?

I haven't designed printable beads. You could print them, but it's hard to print a decent sphere because of the overhangs on the bottom and the small contact area with the platform. Also, unless you're printing a very large bearing with marble-sized balls, the resolution of our printers would not produce a great bearing. I had another idea that I might develop that uses tapered cylindrical rollers instead of balls, which could be printed (or, without the tapering, could even be clipped pieces of filament). I haven't developed this idea yet, though.

Great idea, clipped pieces of filament would be the perfect size for 608 bearings!

I used clipped filament to make the thrust bearings for this motor:


It worked pretty well.

If you wanted to go really crazy, you could hand-roll PLA bb's between sheets of glass, or maybe between a sheet of glass and a heated build platform. There are still some old school instructions for hand-rolling PLA filament on the reprap wiki:
There used
to be pictures of the process but they seem to be gone now.

Electric Motor 2

Correction: The link I posted above is for PCL (polycaprolactone), which is not the same as PLA (polylactic acid).

PLA melts at 180-200C, while PCL melts at only 60C and is therefore much easier to work by hand.

My bad. :-[
But you still could probably make workable rollers/balls from PCL...