Ronthomp Mendel

by ronthomp Dec 9, 2011
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Also good sir, is there any specific reason why the side plates are on the inside and not the outside relative to the vertexes?

I wasn't paying attention. They should go outside. I am writing the assembly instructions, now. If you want to see them so far:


Please, let me know your thoughts and/or criticisms.

At what infill did you print the triangles?

Sfact default,.35

Woweee, and it remained stiff and without wobble?

Yep. It's making very good parts.

I'm looking forward to the bill of materials and assembly instructions. I've been watching the various 3d printers and I like the amount of self-printing capacity that this brings with it.

Do I understand correctly that the extruder and electronics are pretty much unchanged from the prusa mendel stuff?

Yes, same electronics.

And extruder.

You're crazy! This is freaking awesome. How much more plastic do you think you can get in there?

Are you entering into the Gada Prize? http://humanityplus.org/projects/gadaprize/http://humanityplus.org/projec...

Must be well on the way to the criterion of 90% parts by volume (less build platform) printed :-)

I had never heard of it before. Those are some pretty steep design goals, so I doubt it.

This is a really attractive Mendel.

Random note, what kind of power supply is that behind and to the left of the machine is that?

Thanks! That is a very old PC power supply. The design was proprietary to that machine, so it won't fit other computers. ISTR it was a Compaq desktop, but I may be wrong.