Hinged butterfly

by mathgrrl Sep 2, 2013
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If you are using Sf3d and want Antenna attached go to advanced tab then under "external thin wall type" select "allow single extrusions walls" worked for me .
And what a great print it is .

how do i get the Antennae to print mine prints with a gap i checked my slicer and the preview it shows a gap in the Antennae

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Really impressed. Printed this for my daughter. Prints in one piece but still has moving hinged butterfly wings. Moves beautiful with no hint of sticking.
Lovely gossamer wing design.

I love this, but wasn't able to print it. Tried 2x, once with the base, once without. With the base - can't get the base off of it, it hardens so fast that the base won't come off without breaking the wings and/or antennas. If I leave the base on, it doesn't look right and the wings won't move. When I tried without the base, it doesn't stay in place on the platform - as the printer moves, the butterfly starts to move and shift around as well and it eventually just breaks. Maybe it's something in my settings ??

When I made this I was using an acrylic platform and prints stick really well to that even without a raft base. Now I'm using glass with blue painter's tape on it and I have trouble getting things to stick without a raft, for most models. I'd suggest either trying a stickier plate (?) or maybe trying hairspray, which some people say makes things work better. The raft base is definitely going to cause a problem like you said so somehow get stickier! :)

Love this model! I printed a couple, but what is the secret to getting the hinge to hinge? Mine is fused in one piece. I'm printing in PLA which loves to stick to itself, so my hinged butterfly is just one piece. I like it already, but I'd love it if someone can give me a hint.


It helped me to use .2mm layer height. More or less and the hinge seemed more likely to stick together. Also it is important to print it without supports. Then somehow some kind of magic happens in that hinge and it works!

You were 100% correct!! I went to .2 layer height and turned up my cooling fan and Viola - the next print hinged with little effort to break it free. It was "like magic".
Thanks for your words of wisdom.
BTW - My 2 year old loves these!

glad the magic is happening!

The ladies love it! Thanks (:

Given up trying to make the stl file work in Cura - any chance of posting an iges file or a step file?
Thanks in advance.

Like the design very much and am very disappointed that I can't get it to print on my Ultimaker via Cura. The first time I tried the left hand antenna was not connected to the head and the right hand wing looks too thick. When I looked at the layers view in Cura that what it showed.

I've tried reparining in Netfabb Basic, and various repair filters in MeshLab and now have the wings looking good in Cura layers view but the left side antenna is still not connected. Cura has several 'fix horrible' options. One of these connects the antenna but at the cost of most of the wing detail.

Any hints would be most welcome.

This link is to a screen shot of the layers view in Cura 13.07: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mgg310/10240233705/http://www.flickr.com/photos/m...

Now tried Slic3r - works great!
Thank you very much for taking the time to help me out.

Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try.

.25 layer height with a bed temp of 65C

I like your butterfly. You should check out my hinged butterfly box:


Butterfly Box with 'Stained Glass' wings.

Awesome! Congrats on the feature!