E3D V6 Mount with Fan for CTC / Flashforge / Replicator

by MacNite Mar 28, 2016
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Anyone here know of a good dual active cooling fan rig that would work well with this setup? I'm in the process of putting it together now!

Great! Using the reversed remix for 6 months now, working perfectly!

As I realized that I don't need the dual feature I would like to ask if you could remix a single version of the reversed remix with the extruder in the middle? That would be more than perfect!! :):):)

Sorry, I don't really Knie what you mean. The Extruder is mounted on the back of the printers frame and a File to mount only one in the Middle is available.

But Feel free to make the Design in your own.

OMG, I didn't notice the versions in the Legacy File, printing V002bridge with V003Fanduct now. Thanks!!

Printed the V002bridge with V003Fanduct, but realized that my old custom hotend cooling duct didn't fit. :(

Instead of going on your nerves, I've created my own single e3d Extruder mount from scratch inspired by your version with the included fan duct


best regards!

E3D V6 Hotend Mount - Single Version - with 40mm Fan - CTC / Makerbot Replicator / Flashforge
by swestru

I got it all printed and installed, and now I'm just wondering how to adjust the nozzle hight from side to side. I really like the design, I just need the nozzles lined up for dual printing.

The left nozzle has about 1 mm if Play to align it. Just loosen the screws that hold the Hotends in place, adjust height and re-tighten them.

How does the motor fit to the 000_Bowden_Mount?

There is a picture of how it should look like mounted.

I think you have to use the long screws from the original extruder assembly to screw it together - but it's been a long time since I made this mod.

Can anyone tell me what the V003-Bracket.stl part is for?

For clamping the E3D V6 to the Bridge part if you want to use the stock cooling fan duct

Thanks MacNite. How does the motor fit to the 000_Bowden_Mount?

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Yes - that's what they are designed for.
And you can use the V000 parts to mount your extruder to the back of the frame.

Thanks. Do you mean the 000 parts as I thought the V000 parts were for the dual extractor? Or have I got it wrong?

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It is possible to use it on a Flashforge Finder?

hey what voltage e3D I need 12 or 24?

Thanks alot. Should I get Bowden or Direct ? I am planning to use their Titan extruder with Nema stepper motor.

If you gerne the genuine one it dies mit Matter.
There ist noch difference between Bowden and dieser - they have a Universal Version.
But die the Titan you'll Need the Bowden coupler.

Hey MacNite Where did you plug thermistor leads?Same spot as the thermocouple ?

You can't use thermistors. You have to use the thermo couples.

Do you plug these into same place as originals

What so you mean?
You Connect the connectors at the same spots (but you have to use the Thermocouples instead of the thermistors from the E3D V6).

And you can use the original x carriage.

right i have fitted my my e3d v6 s to my ctc bizer i ordered the thermo couple as everyone has stated i have wired them into the as place as the originals on the board when i boot up im getting no errors showing the hotends are heating up nicley i have two burnt fingers to prove it but the printer is not able to read the temperature so the fans are not kicking in and can not do anything any ideas i bought the thermo couples from the same supplier as the e3d v6 which is a uk company is there anything that you more experienced guys can think off
any advice would be much appreciated
also i spoke to the supplier before i ordered in regards to the 12v or 24v they said that they dont come in 12v or 24v they are the same is this correct

haha yeah I figured out last night. Thermocouples are so simple :P

If they are so simple any chance you can educate me please

I understood that you are a non English mother-language but please, use commas and points. Will be easy to understand.

1) use the original (or a spare of the original model) thermocouple, is the only one accepted by the board.
2)termocouples don't have a voltage, the board read the resistance of a 5v(or 3v i don't remeber now) signal on a specific pin.
3)if the temperature is read in the opposite way, just invert the wire on the board connector.

First of all I am a fully English, so I apologise and will take on board about punctuation, but please if you are going to lecture some one about it could you please check you own.
1it is understand not understood
2 what is a non English mother-language
Also if you read my post I have already stated that I have fitted thermo couples.
Also I stated that there are no temperature readings at all from both hot ends second of all how would you attach the original to the hot end as they are different fittings all together

MK8-9-10 have the same ISO m2 hole as the E3D.... i had use the same screw... the original one (from E3d) use the M2 to keep the sensor inside the hole. The thermocouple use the M2 to keep itself....

Now, just because i don't like your approach to my comment:

1) Understood is correct... to understand i need evidence not just feel something... no?
2) Is my way to say that english is not you language, but maybe you just have a problem with your own language.
3)if you have fitted your TC please give a mean to "If they are so simple any chance you can educate me please" (and also please let me know way is so wrong if english is you own language).
4)if the CTC have no signal on the TC connector an error appear on the display, the fan start at 100% and the printer force the heater off. So "no temperature" is something impossible without the error :)

What I meant by if they are simple: is could some one please explain it.
The original wire has a connector on the end that a screw goes thru to screw it to the block at the front of the hot end where as the e3d v6 has a pin like thermocouple that slots in and the grub screw goes in from the bottom to hold it place.
The fans don't kick in at all
The screen just shows both hot ends as waiting no errors at all.
Also don't jump to conclusions for all you know I might have dislexcia or other learning difficulties and to say that I'm not English or dont understand my language could be upsetting to people who have the above issues


anyway, i try for the last time in the best easy way that i know:

E3D: the screw in the big hole (M2) and the sensor in the little one

original MKx TC: use the same screw + washer to screw the RING THERMOCOUPLES to the damn heater block using the same, yes exactly the same M2 hole.

what's your problem man??

I don't have a problem I will post pics when I get home from work as there are no rings on the thermo couples only a pin like the heater cartridge only smaller

Well the first picture show the original E3D V6 mounted on my CTC Bizer. The second picture show the priginal k100 sensor of my Cyclope but is the same on all E3D's hotend, the M2 screw keep the K100 inside the little hole-
The last show the heat-block and the original TC of my CTC Bizer, i just screw it in the same hole and with the same screw used to keep in position the K100 plus a washer to fit the ring.


Ok so with just getting home I have been on e3d website what i dif not realise is that I have the upgraded version

How did you install the Bowden upgrade? I'm not understanding how to attach the extruders

Look at the pictures.
Use the V000_Bowden_Mount_Dual part. At 2 M3 nuts in the holes, remove the top two screws from the Nema 17 motors and screw them to the part using M3x12 or M3x14 screws. Then you can mount the whole assembly to the frame using M3x14 (up to M3x20 with washers I think), these screws belong in the wholes where you put the hex nuts befor.

Hast du die Originalen Thermocouples verwendet?

Did you use the original Thermocouples?


what should be the tool head offset ? in your e3d v6 mount ?

It's mentioned in the descreption - 36 mm. Of course you have to fine-tune this value.

I wasnt sure, when i measure it was 35 or 34.98

But now i try to print calibration on replicator g. But carriage acts strange it hits left front side of machine when i try to run script for dual nozzle calibration grrr. I never used replicatorg g. only s3d.

Any sugestions ? Firmware is sailfish 7.7.

Can this be used with a extruder above the hot end? cheers

Maybe, I haven't tried it anf you'd habe to Design a Mount for the Extruder.

Thanks for the fast reply, do you think its possible before i order a E3d v6?

Hi there. great work! im using the dual mount with 40 mm fans but have found that the fan doesnt blow low enough on the cooling fins. I have the long version e3d (perhaps this was designed for the short?) Anyway i was wondering if you wouldnt mind making a "long e3d" version of the fan shroud? without cooling on the bottom fins my filament jams right away. Thank you and keep up the good work!!!

this remix can help you check it

E3D V6 Mount with Fan for CTC / Flashforge / Replicator - Reversible
by jartz

great! thank you so much elstak! printing now :-)

hi man, 1st of all great work...
will be the best if:
-We can customize the size of push in tube support on 007 bowden compling mount. For me are too large , i use a 9mm filet push in connector...
-The end stop part of 007 bridge is too soft, i broke it 2 times. Print the bridge is a long activity, have it on 007 mount can be better so if it break we need to print a smaller part.

anyway i love your e3d v6 mount i think is the best part for my CTC!!!

Another thing, the space between the fans is not enough for both hot end wires, i had push a lot to close everything inside.

I'll upload the .Step tomorrow and you can customize it.

Amazing... thanks a lot!!!!

I just uploaded the files.

thank you !!

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Which part does not fit?
I just checked the files and it should fit - there is a 0.2mm tolerance on the both sides.

Comments deleted.

Dual mount doesn´t work, left extruder is to far away

To far away from what?
The build plate? If that's the case, you should be able to sand the mounting groove down a little bit - the clamping force should be high enough to keep the hotend in place.

from the other extruder

Anyone print this in PLA? Results?

I would be most grateful if you offered a slightly modified j-head diameter so I could use a Prometheus V2 Hot End... I modified one of the E3D mounts on here but it's not nearly as nice as yours. If not, no worries! lol

I don't have the exact measurements for the Prometheus - but it would be very easy for yourself to edit the mesh with meshmixer or something like that.

V005 works great with a dual setup! Thanks!!

Good, I am still working on the version for the Dual Mount + Fan, but it will come the next days.

How's the updated mount w cooling coming along?

I just uploaded it - I am not quiet satisfied with the fan mount for the part cooler - so I uploaded a Version where you can use your own fan design.

Sweet. I'll check it our when I get home tonight! Was there still a 1mm play for leveling? Thanks again!!

Sweet. I'll check it our when I get home tonight! Was there still a 1mm play for leveling? Thanks again!!

Yes, I left the play.

Do you think you can make use of the e3d 30mm fans with the active cooling version? Since we have some laying around lol. If not I can make a plate or something instead of using 40mm..

I think it would be easier to make an adapter plate, otherwise I'd to redesign the whole duct.

Got it!! Easy enough. Looking forward to it.

Will the first two single mounts\designs utilize the e3d stock fans?

No, the E3D V6 comes with a 30 mm fan, you will need a 40 mm (the one's which are original included in with the printer). Or you can design yourself a simple adapter plate from 30 to 40 mm.

Dual Mount is functioning great!!! Love the look and design! Just a thought... I'm receiving my second e3d tomorrow. If in the event the second e3d doesn't have he same height as the first e3d (I would image they would be identical) do you think you can incorporate some type of individual height adjustment? Just a thought.

I just saw this problem and added a new Version (005).
I think it should work, I just added a play of around 1mm on the mount and the force through the screws should keep the hotend in place.

You rock man. I'll provide feedback after I make 005!

No problem, I am currently working on a Version that will include a part cooler for a dual extruder setup. The first protoype I printed didn't fit to well...:D

Nice!!! I'm sure you knew that was going to be my next question hahaha!

Got it. I'm receiving my e3d today and wanted to print something quick with your designs to get it up and running. Then print one of the latter dual configurations after my single mount setup is running. Thank you

Looking forward to the dual setup.
I'll try this out!

This is really cool might have to give it a go !