by ET-Huang Sep 2, 2013
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I would love to be able to add text to the base of this. We will be visiting Easter Island on a cruise and would love to give some of these out to people as a memento. I don’t have the know how on how to do this. Can anyone help or suggest how I might do this?

Maybe too late but tinkercad.com is free and you can load the file into it and add a base and text etc., its pretty simple to use and there are instructions on the site as well as youtube videos teaching how to use it. .

Really great job.

I read people saying that it is possible to print without support and also without infill (vase mode). Is that true??? Can I try using these configs (no support / vase mode)?


Tried this on vase mode, but nose and last few layers of head failed.

I think you need to adjust the printer parameters

Any suggestions? I printed at 0.8mm shell using vase mode which left a hole on the top side of the nostrils and the very top of the head where it's almost flat. I was able to print it successfully with vase mode disabled using 2 perimeter walls at 0.4mm each, however if printing again I would opt for at least 3 walls.

Try hollow mode, if you have this setting option.

Yes, you can print in vase mode without any support.

This is one of my favorite models! I made one 400mm tall, took me nearly 48h. Totally worth it :) https://www.thingiverse.com/make:422590


I have a question regarding print orientation.

Is this to be printed standing up like a vase or is it to be printed laying down as it comes on the stl and as shown on the blue model picture above?


You should stand up the model.

Very nice! I printed one 170mm high and it was very cool

Very easy to print and a nice model, thanks for sharing!!

Great Moai model, so clean and simple but accurate. What program did you use to model it?

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I use Sculptris and 3DSMAX

Ok, I haven't used any of those, they look cool! Congrats again!

Great 3D printable model! I was able to print it without any support and without any infill! Thanks!

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I remixed as maoi_nosupport_flatbottom.stl but having trouble uploading it for some reason :/ I'll ttry again later. it prints properly on my rep2 now.

Looks like a great model. I'm printing one now. Printing at 20% scale, it will be 4" tall, and was still going to be a 3 hour 28 minute print. I ran it through meshmixer to make it a hollow model. Now estimate is 2 hours and 8 minutes. If it works well, I'll post the new file as a derivative. Thank you for the model, and if you don't mind, please share your modeling software info. Did you do this from scratch or is a scan?

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I've tried twice to print, but the bottom of the moai doesn't seem to be flat. I get a small raft and then the print fails because it tries to print in space without any support.

An amazing model, captures the spirit of the statues and has a nice printer friendly design! Well done!

Care to enlighten us on your sculpting process?