Cyclone Dust Collector (Remix)

by Endlesscnc Mar 28, 2016
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In your video, it looks like you use both ends of the cyclone for suction, what is the right suction side? I believe that it is the right setup when you use suction on your CNC.

If you are confuse you can try both sides and see what works best, the longest side is for the suction and the other goes to vacuum. Before you connect it/ glue it you can look inside and understand how it works.


Is it possible to get the original file?

Hi, unfortunately no. I search it a while back and didn’t find it, if anytime come up I will send it to you. Sorry...

Wich material will be best for this devise?

I made it with PLA and not see a reason for use harder material, just i use a infill of 60% also to much i think.

i used 15% Gyroid and its my to much... Pla also...

This is such an elegant and great design along with printing quickly and EASILY. The only suggestion I could make is rather than only attach to
a coke bottle could you make different bottom piece that has a flange w/ screw holes for attaching to the top of a bucket? Or even just a seperate piece to adapt the current bottom w/ a flange to hold it in place.
Nevermind ^_^ There is already a flange adapter in the remixes. Ask and you shall receive I guess, haha.

Thanks a lot, you can't know everyone needs to make adapters so you make what you need and hope for the best :).

I am happy that you find suit to you but if you need something else tell me and may i can make it for you. Cheers

I made this Thing about a year and a half ago. I finally broke the wall mount so I had to come get the file to print another one. I use this--not every day, but close to it. This is a fantastic design and a fantastic model. Sawdust goes in the compost and my shop vac hardly ever gets full. I love it. Thank you very much!

(btw I use a 2 liter bottle and it only collapses when I block the air flow by putting the pick up hose to close to a flat surface.)

Good to know, you are welcome. Probably if the chamber was a little bigger then the big bottle was OK too, but if works for you...

quick test today, seems to work fine. Although the 1.25L coke bottle sucked in immediately. I'll try with a small 600ml one, but either way the dust will fall to the bottom.

Mine sucks the life out of my bottle so no dust can get in. Anyone else have this issue?

I have the same problem, bottle is strangle so fast

What bottle you use?

If you use big one yes it does that, as i see the best is small bottle of coca e.t.c. With small bottle of water i believe will not work too.

I'm so happy to see you remix my design, good job PcTronics, I hope more and more people like us can get clean work shop^_^!

Thank you, guys! This thing works excellent! I use it with my little CNC: CNC->ash can->cyclone->small vacuum cleaner

The vac has a reusable filter and before I installed the cyclone I had to clean the filter every 15 min when milling wood. Now I can use the CNC for hours! But then the vac is running hot ;-)

have you tried with PCB Engraving ? can we use it without any filter ?

I never tried to engrave a PCB, I use HCL and H2O2 (outdoors). But I personally would prefer a very good filter when working with fiberglas:

Another way I have seen was to engrave the PCB in a bowl of water. Check YouTube.

Thanks for suggesting, i did not found any YouTube results regarding Water engraving PCB. Do you have link?

Good to know that works for you.

BTW how long you run the vacuum before get hot?

Around 1 hour, then I have to either let it cool down or replace the parts on the CNC anyway. But I use the CNC only a few times per year for my hobbies, so that's ok. I was looking for a new class H vac (german: http://www.kwh-filtersysteme.de/staubklassen) for very small particles, but the price...

Thanks unfortunately i am not familiar with German but..for about 170euro you can buy a small dust collection system like this, but probably not good if you use it only few times house vac is good too :),


Thx, this looks interesting and the price is ok. I quit buying things on Amazon a year ago and I am done with them. But I am pretty sure it is available on Ebay or other stores too.

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Good Morning , can anyone tell me approximately how much filament was used


It is an old question but you can import the .stl-file to Cura to show up the needed ammount of filament.

Hi, the full assembly with 3 perimeters/up/bottom and 30% infill about 60m.

The bottom part with the same config about 13m

The base part again same config about 43m

Welcome :)

Just did the cone and top. The seam between them isn't tight. Did you ever find the source CAD files for it? It'd be interesting to try this with a screw joint between the top/bottom.

That and I'd like to either enlarge the holes (to fit my Festool hoses) or potentially put a screw fitting in them too.

My friend sorry didn't find them. I want to design it again but not enough time :(.

Hello, I would like to print one of these. I am using a Home Depot Ridgid 5 Horse Power brand shop vac and it uses a US standard 2 inch internal hose measurement, with external hose measurement of 2.25 inches.

Can this unit be adapted to work with this vacuum?
Can the unit be scaled up for the larger vacuum?

Thank you, love the design. Ed

Hi, i am not sure what to answer. This sound like a big shop vac, the size depends on what you will vacuum. As if it is for small chips and this size will do.

You can scale it and print it, if your printer has the volume to print it and design two adapters for you hose.

I can't be sure that it will work.

Check this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnMtcKfGt1g

and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umkOUPyduaw

Thank you for the quick response. The shop vac I am using is pretty much a standard size int he the US. It is not a big dust collector.

The hose is around 2 inch internal, converted to 51 mm, compared to the 32 mm hose that you have. not quite 2X as big. I beleive the cyclone will work well for it, I just wanted to the hose connections to be increased to match the size I have.
The external 2.25 inches which is about 57 mm.

I guess that you have problem to design things you like so i make you and upload it an adapter that should fit to your 57mm hose.

Check it at thing files, i hope it does the work you want to.

Great design!
Would you be so kind to post the source files? I would like to try to alter the design for a small fertilizer distributor I 've build, allthough I have absolutely no idea if this will work...

I would love to give it to you but i don't have it anymore. I search it few days before and couldn't find it..sorry!

Some programs accept from stl files to make changes, what design software you use?

ok, no problem.
I'm mainly using Inventor, sometimes Solidworks, so it shouldn't be to hard to reverseengineer it from your stls.
If I'm successful I will get back to you and send you the source files :-)

Cool thanks :)

Solidworks have this feature for sure, good luck.

I tried out a 2 liter and it fits the current model.

Yes it does but maybe is not so practical because may suck the bottle inwards. Not tested yet..

I would think an outer ring or two glued to the bottle would provide strength and keep it from getting sucked inward. Has anyone tried this?

Probably yes it will work, cool idea :).

I will give it a try and let you know what happens.

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Can you post the main files so i can mess with a design change i want to try?

Hi, what program you use and in what format you want the files?

I am using solidworks, what program did you use to make the parts?

I send you a message to your profile.I use solidworks too.

Great job i just assembled the dust collector works like a charm, but i have a question is it possible to tweak the cyclone internal air speed some little peaces keep turning in the cone and doesnt drop until the vac is stoped, is there a solution that you can suggest ? thanks for the shop vac :)

I haven't think about that to say the truth but i believe that if you can change the speed of the vacuum, redesign the hole thing or adapt bigger hoses to it.

This is great....!, I have a cnc router and have the same needs you have i dont know when my vacum cleaner is full but with this i can empty every day

Yes it doing a great job but if you use small bottle and work with a big piece then you will empty it sooner than you think :)

Very nice design, finished assembling one last night, One small suggestion. 60% infill is too much.

I would recommend a reduction to 15~25% max.


Thanks a lot my friend, sure you are right about infill. But i was think about better to much than less and it break :).

More shells, less infill

Did you glue the upper and lower parts together? Would have been nice to have the upper and lower parts screwable, otherwise nice design.

Yes i did but no need, if you like you can let it unglued. Thanks a lot

Great cyclone my friend!!! Didn't test it yet but looks strong enough. I'll upload the build as soon as I test it. Congrats once again!!!

Thanks a lot, i am happy you like it and more if it work well for your needs.

What diameter hose are you using with this? I have a smaller than normal hosing for my shop vac.

Is 32mm internal Diameter, if you like i can make a custom for you.

Thanks a lot my friend