Dragon's Egg Lightshade

by virtox Sep 2, 2013
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I made a stand to make your thing into a taller thing. Beautiful design thank you for making the egg.

Dragon Egg Stand
by hanzieo
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can you 3d print them to be anything but lights? I'm looking for things i can have 3d printed for my sister for like christmas ideas and other things. She really likes dragons

yup, a little confusing which one(s) to use... I printed one at 50% and the shells are a little on the thing side for my olde MB Dual Rep.

But I am going for a full sized dual extrusion at the moment. Will post a pic when I get a second.


Bit confusing about which shell to use, The 2mm shell needed a bit of repair in netfabb, Maybe some instruction would help. Thanks

Thanks, the description says how the files combine, what's confusing about it?
"Always use the "Net" stl and combine with either "Surface" OR "Embedded".
Please look at the split render to see the full difference."
I moved that part to "instructions" now and clarfied a bit.

Its the 2 shells and the embedded. Made me think one shell went with the 'embedded and the 2mm was on it's own. Or are the 2 shells the same but different thickness ?

Thanks! I updated the instructions some more :-)

Nice one. Looking forward to printing this out soon

Great desing, and thanks for sharing! But I print these separately, how does one insert the web upon thee egg? Does one just cut the web in half, insert the inside part and then close the web with somekind of superglue?

I am sorry, the part about how this design is meant for dual extrusion seems to have gone missing.
It was not intended to be printed as separate parts. Although I have often wondered if that could work.
Please share if and how that works out!
I will fix the description.

One way to print this is with an printer with 2 extruder heads.
For example: Makerbot Replicator 2X

I made this using my custom voxel software. But the pattern is basically a voronoi cell pattern.

what program did you use to draw this? Especially the cell like structures look very nice.

cool how you made this?