Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

by Allanrps Dec 10, 2011
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Hey, where did you get your dimensions for the mouthpiece? Did you measure a mouthpiece and try to model it similarly? You mentioned parametric modeling, what parameters do you use? I'm trying to compare mouthpiece characteristics by modelling different versions, and I could use some tips on how to do so.

What percentage of infill would you recommend using?

Does this require supports to print properly? If so is there a way to avoid having them inside the mouthpiece? The only part that looks like it needs it is the little ring around the outside, but I'm not sure

made it couple of days ago and it plays great!!! it took 30-45 minutes of sanding 50-150-450 grit

Hi I printed your mouthpiece and it seems to not be working on my alto. The slight angle at the tip where it goes away from the reed seems almost too darastic and causes it not to make any sounds on my sax. Is this just a printing error or something anyone else has experienced before? I would love an alto mouthpiece. I printed a diffrent Bari one and is AMAZING. but every alto one I tried never worked.

try sanding it a bit
it happened to me to don't worry

What did y'all use in terms of infill and filament. I was assuming 100% infill but now I'm thinking that might be overkill.

wayyyyyy overkill

How long does this take to print?

I made one of these last night but the end didnt print all the way what should i do
Should i print another one or not worry about it

The tip opening on this is way to big. How can I fix this?

Best fix is by improving your chops.

How long did it take to print this with an Afinia H480 3D printer?

Comments deleted.

What filament should I print this with?

Is there an autodesk Inventor version?

Yeah, it's surprisingly good. I also had trouble with the bore size--I bunched up my cork a bit--but I think some grease could have fixed that. Also, I imagine the relatively rough interior may have had something to do with it. But otherwise, great job. What mouthpiece was this modeled after?

Sorry about the bore size problem, it is quite narrow. This mouthpiece was modeled after the Yamaha 4c

Great I made it and i like it! plays well troughout the registers of the sax. Nice job well done

What settings did you use? I printed it at 0.05 layers-height and with 20% infill, but the top of the mouthpiece had way to much material at the end. I oriented it as it comes in the stl-file, did you rotate it for the print?
(Sorry about my english)

Absolutely astonished by how good this thing is. Only problem I had is the bore size is too small to fit over the cork but thats easily fixed.
Compared to the Yamaha 4c, it is very much the same blowing and control, except it is more stable at the top end, and requires less effort to hold even upper register and altissimo tones.
I tried with some 2.5 Vandoren reeds, and it gives that nice edge that is their trademark, and with some really soft 1.5 Rico reeds, which it allowed to blow even the low C at almost a whisper with no effort. Makes for a great practice setup as it can be very tricky finding a mouthpiece that blows softly! and doesn't annoy the neighbours. Anything can blow loud, but controlling low notes at pp is difficult but seems so easy on this mouthpiece.
I'm rambling.. oh well. Well done and thanks Allanrps!

How did you fix the too small bore size? I have the same problem... Did you edit the .stl-files or did you enlarge the bore after printing it?
Also what sttings did you use for your print? Mine looks not that clean...

I made this in autodesk inventor, and yes it is parametric modeling.

What CAD did you use for modelling? Is it parametric?