GI Joe U.S.S. Flagg aircraft carrier

by Jabberwock Mar 29, 2016
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I made a small radar dish that attaches to the antenna. In my picture, I had printed them standing up, but it prints much better on its back.

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Ignore me. I just realized it was built into the "tower" piece. Thanks

Ignore me. I just realized it was built into the "tower" piece. Thanks

Hello. I’m thinking of turning this into my home bar. Could I get a
Full size file? Thinking of cnc the flight deck out of plywood. Thank you

Done. I added Mike in the file name so you could find it easily. The flight deck in the 3D file is 91 inches long and 33.3 inches wide. I output the model in .stl but if there is a file type more compatible with your equipment let me know, I'm sure SolidWorks can create it.

What size is this thing built at? Is it 100% scaled to the 7' long toy? The deck pieces are huuuuuuge!

Like the other GI Joe models I’ve posted, the 3D files are full scale but intended to be printed at 25% scale.

I might scale them down and write a G.I JOE tabletop game.

That seems to be the primary application for them (including me).

I have a large print bed can i print this full size as in 7 feet?

Yeah, but give me a day to post an uncut version of the hull and flight deck. Gluing them together is a pain because even after you connect them mechanically you'd need to sand the edges smooth.

I'm not sure that you would /want/ a 7 foot version of this however. The detail level is relatively low...kinda like playing old Nintendo games on a 75" TV. 8-bit graphics look fine on a 19" TV from 1985 but on a 75... I'd start with something smaller like the one of the guns or the crane. If the detail level is acceptable then go from there.

In truth, it's probably cheaper/easier just to buy an original toy...something to consider.

Printing this now with my FlashForge Creator Pro. 25% is still too big as it takes up the entirety of my build plate. The edges are curling. Ill try at 20%

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I also didn't have one...not because of the price, but because of the size of the dumb thing. It was 7' long, like 2.5' wide, and 2' tall. What kind of play space would accommodate a monstrosity like that?

I may end up scaling to 20% and giving it a go...but I think even then it may just big too big of a task for my printer.

Jabber, you've outdone yourself. That's an amazing model you've created. You should be proud, sir.

I'll make one just to take to my parents and show them I finally have one. Same story you had, but what was worse was there was another kid in my grade who had 2 of em. -.-

Yeah, my parents sacrificed a lot for us but even as a little kid I knew this was a big ask -no regrets there. So instead I used the ironing board and a cardboard box to "make" one...and had just as much fun.
I bet the kid who had two of them never amounted to anything. :)

I had a hand-me-down from my uncle, and my mom THREW IT IN THE GARBAGE. Absolutely Heretical. I made my own out of a TV box that folded up to fill the hole left in my heart.