1P 18650 battery holder

by GregoryZ Mar 30, 2016
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tolerance to tight, don't print, wait for fix. Buddy, please design for normal users, most of the stuff isn't printable on this site due to this. Be our hero and post workable mid quality lvl prints.

I just checked the 3D models: There is absolutely NO tolerance between the pieces. Unless you have underextrusion, I dont see how these can fit without a hammer or something. I printed 8 at 100% and then another two at 102%, at 0.8 layer height. Immaculate prints, but they dont fit and the 100% scale ones take a lot of force to even accept the lithium cells themselves. Either make the finger a little smaller or the hole a little larget so thse can fit properly.

What would be the scale-up to make these work with the 26650's, please?

Same Problem, doesnt connect. Printed on my ender2 with 0,1mm layer

Same problem as mentioned, prints don't click together.

So the holders I printed out did not click together. Which I believe was the whole point to this. If there is special considerations, e.g. special perimeters i.e. wall thickness or whatever, it should have been provided in the details. Unfortunately I printed out a lot of them and they don't work.
FYI, I had .8 wall thickness. so I guess don't do that. Needs improvement.

I've printed many!!! they are great!!! Can you do a single 4 pole?

This should be great. I'll print a few to test. If it works, I'll be printing 200 total.

I am pretty sure that the available file is not the same as the provided pictures. For example the slots/notches are all the way in the file, while the pictures show that they are closed near the end.
The biggest problem is that the notches are much more narrow in the file which makes it really hard to print and fit. The pictures show much wider notches.

Be carefull. I think this print is for experimented users with good printer.
A small prusa i3 ctc cant print them really good and the result isnt good with standard parameters. I will try insome days with best quality in cura because my 4 first pieces in 2 pass cant fit. Details are really fine.
If you can print them that is really good item because you can arrange bat pack as your needs.

Hey Man could you do me a huge favor? Could you make a Single Square with all Insets? I could make one using yours but I would rather you have it.
Also Maybe one with 3 Insets and one Side with the Tangs?
Thanks man you are the greatest.

Perfect fit together and with panasonic 18650 battery.
Printing with Prusa mk2. Thanks :)

i made these and they dont fit into each other, the pegs are larger than the slots. am i doing something wrong?

which parameters do you use?