Andy - the 3D printed hexapod

by Sn00zerman Apr 1, 2016
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Thanks for this nice design
What is the thickness of the bottom and top plate?

Thanks for STL's.
I made the print's and build it tougether. Can't finde your code and I use CapersII code, invert sevo's, modify x,z and angles.
It's work now but not wery smootly.
I use SSC32u, BBoarduino, PS2, 2S Lipo and 10A Sbec.
Can I ask you for your code?
I'm litle old for lerning IKinematic but have idea to upgrading Hexy with sensors and camera.
Please help.


Sory about my Englesh

Comments deleted.

hello. what is the Pan and Tilt part for?

That is for a wireless mini camera :-)

Hi, I am a teacher of secondary school in the province of Rome, I apologize for my bad English.
With my class, we are building this hexapod, but we have some problems that we can not solve.

1) How do the moving parts of the legs physically connect to the body? In particular, how the upper part and the lower part of the component inside which the motor is inserted is connected, where the bearing is present. Would be welcome a photo of both the upper part and the bottom.

2) Where and how is the LIPO 7.4 Volt, 5400 mA battery installed. We can not figure out where to insert it, given its physical dimension.

3) If it were possible to send a series of photos with the basic assembly, not the electrical connections, but only the physical assembly, I would be very grateful. The guys are enthusiastic and in this period in Italy, we do not have much funding. You think that many components have been purchased at my personal expense and I will not have any reimbursement from the state.

I leave you my mail if you want to kindly answer me.

[email protected]

Hi Antonio,
I am still printing the parts but from my understanding, to connect servo_bracket with chassis_under and chassis_upper you need:

  1. put servo to servo_bracket
  2. to servo final gear (moving part) you need to attach servo_ring and servo_ring screw on to chassis_under
  3. from opposite side of final gear, in servo_bracket you will have holes to attach ballbearing_ring
  4. to ballbearing_ring you need to screw on ballbearing and fitt it to hole on chassis_under like on a photo from lynxmotion
    In few days I should have one leg assembled so I can upload some photos if you need

Is there any sort of bill of material anywhere telling how many of what bolts, nuts, screws we might need to build this? I want to order them but cant guess at all the sizes and lengths...

Im just starting to get into Hexapods. I bought into the Vorpal Hexapod and am waiting for that kit but came across this one and really got intrigued. I love the design!
Anyway, my question is about the 3mm ID - 6mm OD - 5mm thick bearings. The closest I could find was 3mm ID - 6mm OD - 2.5mm thick
I hope these will work without causing other problems.

I don't understand what you how you connect the brakets to the bottom part with ball bearings.
I managed to assemble the rest of the bot, but i can't figure out how i have to screw the ball bearing and the brakets.

Can somebody please give any kind of advice?

I just put a bolt with a nut on the end through the bearing, then jammed it up into the top mount, and made a little thicker mount for the bottom. All thread holds the whole thing in place. Here is a photo of the bottom popped out of the lower holder.

Hey man, thanks. I had to wait for a while to get the ball bearings, But I'm currently trying to connect the bottom half . Your picture helps a ton. Thanks!

http://www.lynxmotion.com/images/html/build131.htm I had to custom make my bottom part to fit the bearing.


Big headway today! http://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/phoenix-code-any-3dof-18-servo-hexapod was the most helpful getting this all programmed up. I used 25 mm stand-offs (4mm stud out the bottom, threaded on the other end for a 3mm bolt or another stud), put a nut on the end to bring it up a bit, and I got a 6v 5-cell battery under the SSC-32u that sits on the top of the first stand-off, then another stand-off and the botboarduino goes on top of it. I mounted an on-off switch on the right center. I then used 3mm all-thread to run up the rest of the way. I put the PS2 wireless controller on the top of the all-thread.
https://www.robotshop.com/media/files/pdf2/lynxmotion_ssc-32u_usb_user_guide.pdf page 23 is the wiring diagram I am using. One battery. Use pins 11, 12 and ground for the serial connection (not 0 and 1, that way you can keep the USB connected for debug and set-up of your angles on the BotBoard).
I still need to get the Hex_Cfg.h setup right. That will be my next post. I found that when I used the right joy stick the Femur's would hit if I used anything more than the slightest touch. I broke one of the servo boxes, and I am super gluing it back together.

I also played around with the Javascript Johnny-Five code in this book: Make: JavaScript Robitcs, chpt 5 Controlling a Hexapod with Johnny-Five. https://github.com/dtex/tharp learn about inverse kinematics https://github.com/dtex/phoenix Cool stuff using Javascript! I used an Arduino Mega 2560 and the Mega Sensor Shield to run the Javascript code. They are bigger, so I never did mount them under the top plate.

Andy did you customize the Hex_Cfg.h file? Would you post it if you did.... Thanks for the Inspiration to do this project.

Hi Sn00zerman.
Thanks for the project. I just started to print the parts. One questions if you dont mind? What kind of servo motor did you use?
I have towerpro mg996 servos can ı use them?

What are you guys using to power this? I have almost all the parts so I am trying to round up the last few things.

All M3, mostly 10mm, 8mm, a few 12mm and 7mm (12 to hook the servo boxes together). Used the servo screws to attach the plastic round servo horn to arms and top of chassis. Bought some m3 all thread for mounting the top and bottom chassis plates together. Made a custom part for the bottom bearing (bought bearings from Lynmotion, used an M3 12 mm, with included lock washer, and two nuts. Ran nuts up in the bigger of the two bearing plates in the design, had to ream it out a bit, and drill 3mm hole all the way through. That put the rim of the bearing just above the plate, then made a 4mm thick plate with a 8mm hole in it for the other end, it all presses in nice.

My parts are all printed, the servos, electronics (less the batteries) are all in, and I have bought a bunch of bolts. I really could use some detailed photos, specifically of how you join the two servo boxes, and how the bearing, and the round pieces all go together under the servo box and the body.
Do you use the rubber inserts to mount the servos to the box? My servos had the rubber inserts and a funnel shaped steel bushing that went in next (inside the rubber bumper inserts, but the M3 bolts wouldn't fit in them, so I removed them and just put the m3 12mm bolt in the rubber insert..
I assume you use the screw and round part that comes with the servo as the way to connect the printed parts to the servo?

Plan to start the build this weekend!

Thanks Kris, Make it a Tremendous Day!

Hello Briankaywalker,

First of all, nice to hear that you are building my hexabod :-)

  • You need indeed 12 servo boxes (bolted together per 2, for vertical and horizontal motion)
    the other 6 servos for the outerpart of the legs, are bolted into the outer-leg-part itself.
  • I use only M3 bolts and nuts (shortest are 7 mm, longest (for the body) are 70 mm. I mostly bought 10mm and 20mm, and shortened
    them with a dremel, the 70mm I made myself, I bought 3mm bars, 1m long brass, and cutted them to length and did put
    M3 screw thread on them with a 3MM tap.
  • your assumptions about the servo rings and ball bearings etc ... seems all correct :-)

I always order my bearings via Ebay from a Chinese seller. I have no preferred seller, I just check ebay for what I want, sort by cheapest first, and look for a seller with at least 99,5% positive feedback. They are really cheap, even with transport from China, and never had any problems. (I have about 2660 transactions on Ebay, during 7 years, I had only 3 transactions that went wrong, but I did get my money back for these 3 transactions) It's hard to explain some details, so I will try to make some more detailled pictures for you (and everybody else), and will post a link here, where you can view and download the pictures in Highresolution afterwards)
Also, I will look up the type-nrs for the bearings, which will make it easier to search for these bearings :-)

best regards & good luck with the build,

Much Thanks! We have one more weekend of printing. All the parts are on order, I got the ballbearings from Lynxmotion BB-03 3mm ID, 8mm OD, 4mm thickness. with bolt lockwasher and nut. Your photos are much anticipated. Thanks again for the bolt/nut details. I have not ordered any fasteners yet, waiting to see what comes with the servos. Can't wait to get to the coding. I ordered the BBU-01 (BotBoarduino), SSC-32U (this might be an update from yours? the U), and RC-01v4 PS2 Controller (as receiver in the kit too), and 3 pair of BB-03 ballbearings. Bought the servos on ebay for $79 USD.
This is going to be FUN! I am guessing now I need a couple more (I ordered 20 thankfully) for a camera pan tilt, and that is what the U shaped parts are for, plus another servo box, one mounts to the chassis, and one to the U part?

My son and I are printing one up now. I have the 18 servos on order. A few questions. How many of the servo boxes do you print? 12? and how do you connect them together? What are the U pan-tilt shaped parts for? We printed 6, but don't know where they go. Same question about the Ball-bearing Ring and Servo Ring, the two round parts where do they go, and how many do we need (I assume six each, Ball-bearing ring goes under the inside servo connects to the body, and the servo ring to the bottom of the servo? with the bearing in the middle? We have a printrbot with the 25mm x 15mm build area, so THANKS for the plans with two parts glued together! Where did you order your bearings? Thanks and make it a Tremendous Day! Great project!

You write that 12 servos are needed. However, the picture shows 3 per leg, which makes a total of 18. What is correct now?

My mistake, sorry, indeed, 18 servos are needed !

What size, and kind of battery are you using.

Awesome!! I'm very much interested in trying to build one , but I have just one question. You are using a PS3 wireless controller but the links from lynxmotion are describing the connections and use of a PS2 controller. Is it the same thing, I mean will the code work for both versions (without alterations) ? Are the connections to the Botboarduino the same ?
Thank you very much in advance, and again, great project!!

Thanks for your response, it is a PS2 controller, I changed it in the description :-)

Beautiful work, thanks for sharing