RAMPS 1.4 Fan Mount, 40mm, parametrizable

by schlotzz Sep 4, 2013
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Great solution here, Thanks

Thanks for your compliment!

This worked awesome for my Robo R1 needed something because I removed the base plate when I added feet and LCD.

works great.
also do you know how to tell the ramps board only turn on this if i have a print job going on?

Thanks for your feedback

What do you wire the fan to? I don't have AUX access because I've attached a Smart LCD. Is there another spot on the Ramps that would give it power?

Hi VanBot112. There are several ways to wire your fan.

  1. You could wire it directly to your 12V power supply by attaching it into the screw terminals of your RAMPS.
  2. Beneath your fuses there should be a 12V pin header.
  3. A RepRap RAMPS fan extender will give you the possibility to switch the fan on with your firmware.

Terrific. Thank you for your response and design here. I had my RAMPS power connector smoke/melt and have been a little gun-shy ever since.. trying to take proper precautions.

very nice design. the only thing I have a problem. is that it might be a bit close to the board and push the wires, thus risking squishing something, pulling something loose, or worse breaking something like a pin or more.
With a few mm length of the stand legs could bring it a good distance out of the way. I only stuck on the top half because the wires were so densely pushed under. my setup the wiring goes down.

But great design none the less. thumbs up!

Hi Keifer. Thanks for your feedback. The length of the legs and so the overall height can be adjusted easily. Just change the parameter "height" in the OpenScad file to your desire. Currently it's 40mm, maybe 50mm suits better for your needs. You'll find it in this line: module ramps_fan_mount(width = 64, height = 40, depth = 10, fanDia = 40, fanHoleDia = 3.1, fanHoleDist = 32, grooveDepth = 1.5, grooveHeight = 2.5, thickness = 3.5, $fn = 16)
Regards, schlotzz

a very clean, neat and simple solution. Thanks!

Excellent!! thanks!

The ramps board has 5 pololus, will this seperation and fan size be sufficient? Does the fan push air towards the steppers or pull away from it?

Hi rupin. I'm using these brackets with a 40mm fan for more than a year now on my Prusa i3 without any problems. I installed the fan on top of the heated bed mosfet heatsink, but the airflow is enough to cool the steppers, too. The fan pushes the air towards the stepper heatsinks.