28mm Modular Bar

by Curufin Apr 2, 2016
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hi - thanks for an awesome print - however, I seem to have picked up an issue on set 2.

the bottom part is 5mm lower than the front part.

i downloaded the files, opened and printed with Cura, then found that the front of the bar is 5mm higher than the bottom part. I opened on other software and it was the same thing. file bar.2.bottom is 14mm high, while bar.2.front is 19mm wide, so when you try attaching the bar front to the bottom section, it sticks out above the bar top by 5mm ??

I just checked and all the parts look right to me. I think you may be assembling the bar incorrectly. You do not assemble the pieces the way they are oriented in your slicer. The bar bottom is 19mm x 14mm. You will glue the 19mm side to the 19mm side of the front. Then glue the top on.

Hope that helps.

thanks for the reply. I am, what I like to call, a complete idiot!!
you are spot on..!
i was assembling it with the top covering the "open side" of the bottom piece..

all i had to do was turn the bottom piece on its side.. attach the front to the "open side" of the bottom.. and everything fits..

ok, ignore my comment.. this was a serious case of user error !!

You don't want to cover the 'Open' side of the bottom. Glue the two 'solid' faces together. The 'open' side of the bottom will create 'shelves' to store tankards behind the bar. See the pictures above.

eventually figured that out to.. thanks for the patience !!

Hello, not sure if this has been written somewhere but what is the nozzle diameter that you use?
I really love the models that you've made!

I believe it is a .4mm

this is awesome. thanks for sharing. I am printing some out and this will go perfect for my dnd sessions. I do have a question. where did you get that bartender. looks cool.

The Bartender is a Reaper miniature.

Did a video review of this set if anyone is interested.


Thanks for your contribution to the community Curufin!

Awesome review! And a fantastic job showing how to assemble the parts! Thank you!

The underside of the 3-long bartop had a weird artifact on it -- probably a result of your STL-izing of the model.

My slicer (Simplify3D) didn't want to print half of the bottom layer corresponding to a large triangle (STL surface fragment).

Seems to be initiating around where the large wooden knot opens through to the bottom side.

That is interesting. I used S3d to print the bar pieces (I've printed 3 full bar sets). I have had no issues with the any of the pieces. I just ran a preview of the Bar Top 3 and I see the triangle you are talking about. It prints the first layer completely then misses a triangle on layer 2, only to fill it in on layer 3.

I have no idea why it is doing that..... The model is solid and has manifold.

Thank you for catching this. I will attempt to re-design it tonight....maybe it was just a fluke in the conversion. However S3D sometimes over-analyzes models and creates problems where there should be none.

Probably my layer thickness (0.2 mm) is a contributing factor as well.

I'll get back to recalibrating down to 0.1 mm, been putting that off too long.

I loaded the root stl and the artifact doesn't show up. It only gets added after the part is run though NetFabb. Printing at .1mm will likely solve the issue (I didn't even know it was there when I printed them). I will redraw the top to see if that takes care of it tonight.

New Bar 3 Top added! The retooling seems to have fixed the glitch. Thanks again for bringing this to my attention. I'm very sorry this got by me. Please let me know if you encounter any other problems with any of the models.

Love the rustic wood texture...brilliant work!

Thanks, Talismancer!

WOW! Now this is what I'm talking about! GREAT job!!!

Thanks, Madcowmisha. There are still more tavern builds coming...

I think that the tavern theme will work very well with some of Dutchmogul's 28 mm figures, just to make interesting dioramas.
I got a boatload of bookmarks of these kind of things, while i am working to get myself a 3D printer.

Really neat job man. I like a lot. Well done!

Thanks, Mordilane.

Oh wow Curufin, that's the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen! Look at the woodgrain! You are really perfecting that! Oh my! It looks as good as your popsicle sticks! :)