Prusa I3 Printable frame, Y-carriage and Modified Y-ends for 8mm rods

by chocjulio66 Sep 4, 2013
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What length rods are required? I've got a ton of spare parts that are just begging for this frame.

As an FYI... Your STL files are not properly square. A good portion of them are skewed by several tiny fractions of degrees... Makes editing them to fit different sized rods pretty difficult.... Since when you try to draw a circle over the hole, it actually digs partially 'into' the model itself, and thus can never extrude thanks to 'math errors'. When placed onto a grid, and zoomed in super close, you can see that the base is ever so slightly rotated along the Z axis. And the holes for the rods themselves are somehow rotated by a fraction of a degree on the X axis... meaning that while the rotations are so small that they really don't matter when printing... it does mean its utter HELL to fix and rework...

I printed and printed in PLA, printed even more in ABS. Nothing. I tried high-res whistling, and put out a little bowl with just a thin layer of water. Still nothing. Then it came to me, whilst cat-napping - PET-G for the win!!! The little dog immediately came out from behind the frame and licked my face, and I was SO happy with my new, extremely robust i3 frame. You, sir, have magic in your mind with work like this, and the doggy is pretty great, too. Thank you.

Looks awesome. I'll eventually do this since I have a bunch of extra electroncs and motors. My question is, can you stack multiple Z-axis parts on top of each other and make a taller Z-axis? Like increase it from 200mm to 300mm?

hi, i am registered now just to comment on your work,
first of all, i would like to thank you for your hard work providing this design, very well done and inspire me, i did print the CARRIAGE and used a lot of plastic and over 7 hours print time

unto the second thing, there are several things that annoy me about your carriage design, i don't know if this intentional, I ONLY PRINT THE CARRIAGE *tl;dr below

  1. your design doesn't seems to be symmetrical, that being said, even on the 2 bearing hole side, the 2 square doesn't have the same size (length) and even misaligned by 1mm.
  2. the middle part where you put the belt holder doesn't fit well since the hole is too far apart, cannot attach the holder
  3. screw hole for bearing is not the same between 1 bearing side and 2 bearing side, the 2 bearing side have the hole more to the outside rather than in the middle
  4. why y carriage tr have a diagonal section where the other part don't
  5. lastly, being unsymmetrical, i have to trim some middle tabs because when i put together, the middle slightly curve and didn't fit well
  6. i also trying to print bearing mount, then the screw hole is too close by 3mm, cannot attach the bearing holder

*that is all my annoyance that's been bugging me for a while after finishing and putting all the carriage part together, i don't know if this is intentional or not, hopefully you can give me some feedback about several things above, i can attach image if you want.

also, what belt holder and bearing mount would you recommend for attaching to the carriage?

The support material was a massive pain to remove and ultimately made it very difficult to align the screw holes. Used epoxy and it's been holding very nicely. Could use a bit more support material in some parts like the lower outside corners to help with the flexing. I think it would also be cool to see the top pieces' openings facing upward instead of towards the back of the machine so that way you can use this frame with other common single sheet attachments found on thingiverse such as lcd frames and spool feeders. Or maybe mount points for modular design.

Presume the printable frame for the hotbed, and the bearing holders + Y belt holder to be attached, is in ABS ?? I imagine when the hotbed gets up to, say, 110c, a PLA frame will turn to jelly

Are all the rest (Main Frame and Y carriage components) OK in PLA ???

Fantastic work! - very innovative and clever. I'm curious to know how it's held up to the rigors of printing, leveling, transporting it to another place. Did it remain rock-solid? Structural trussing and beam construction designs can be very effective in adding strength and saving material. This looks very clean too, nice job.

Well all i can say is I've been incredible happy with my v2 it has held up great. I had thought about adding handles but its so strong and thick its very easy to carry by the frame alone! Also very easy to disassemble and setup without loosing calibration which is big plus, probably to thick at this point but I've experienced no problems at all. Calibration was only performed once about 6 months ago and I guessing I've run about 30 pounds or so.

Thanks! i was planing in cut a graber i3 because i dont like the scructure of the standard printable Y parts. Loved your solution.

How has this not gotten more attention? This is an incredibly interesting idea. The frame is only thing that puts me off of the Prusa i3. It just doesn't feel like a reprap. But this changes that.

How much plastic does this use?

Put it into Cura. It'll tell you how much plastic it'll use.

just want to ask, there are some strips in between the connections of LR,ML,MR, TL,TR. that seem to block the next parts connection.I Haven't printed the parts yet, just wanna check first thanks.

That is just support material i generated in openscad. It is to keep the tabs from warping down during printing and is removed after print. It is not the best way todo support material as it was experimental. I'm will upload the code to my github account soon. The pieces without it will warp down and make the connections difficult.