The Lich King / Arthas

by worgenice Apr 2, 2016
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Anyone have any measurements of the completed figure?

Great model but beware I found Cura sliced the parts and they did not fit together, fortunately I was able to correct some of the issue by stopping the printer at the layer I wanted or chopping off the bottom in Cura by lowering the model -.4mm below the build plate.
I should have stopped the print for the legs too as they have an uneven surface that prevents a smooth surface, in this case I actually rescued the part by melting it flat on my halogen hob cooker!

Aside from all that the model turned out well and I will post a pic when I have cleaned it up a bit.

I too would like to see the model unbroken so it can be printed in one piece, I tried to join it in tinker cad but the legs wouldn't upload coz they are too complex.

One piece of advice - heat the sword hand with a hairdryer until it softens just enough to slip the sword in easily and remember to hold his hand closed and support the sword while it cools for a bit.

One of my favourite prints so far :D

I must say... It's quite the task to orient these flat on the bed... Not sure why they weren't uploaded in a "best print" position to begin with... That being said... Printing it now... Looks awesome. Thanks for the upload! =)

Is it possible to have the the model on 1 single stl to print it with sla?

Is there a trick to getting the sword in the hand? I have snapped so many swords and hand now snapped the fingers on my model.

I have the same issue. Could someone help us?

I ended up drilling his hand out a bit and got the sword to fit that way, it was pretty wobbly but a liberal application of glue helped hold it in place.

Heat the hand with a hairdryer until just soft enough to slip the sword in, remember to hold the hand closed and support the sword for 30 secs while it cools.

This is a beautiful model. Unfortunately, I didn't realize the feet slice was wider than my bed, now I have beautiful prints of the body, the legs, the hand and Frostmourne. Unfortunately, I can't print the feet. Is there anyone that could remove the left foot and post a version with out it? And the left foot alone. For those of us in the 200mm world that is just a tiny bit too big. BTW, if you print Frostmourne in Proto Pasta Gray Smoke HPPLA it ends up looking like the blade is made of ice!

Hi, still need help with this? Maybe is possible to do with Simplify3d "separate connected surfaces".

This is an incredible sculpt, and turns out a great print. I scaled mine down just a tad and it still came out awesome. Great work all around. I know most people are pretty adept at this stuff, but I figured I would mention I had to set my Cura support angle at 45 degrees to make sure it made supports for all the hangover, especially on the lower half. Just thought I'd mention it in case it helped anyone out. Kudos all around, thanks for uploading!

Could you perhaps also upload the STL file with the complete character?
Would be very much appreciated :)

Any update on this? Would be nice if we could slice it ourselves.

I just got my printer working and I made the feet before it broke down. Fragile Thermistor. I look forward to the finished print. I had to scale the model back by half so it would fit on my bed. Very good work on this.

what kind of supports are that? my supports look way more solid and are hard to remove.

So i use the Curaengine with the Lines Support