RECON Lite Hardcase Wallet + Cardholder

by Tony_D Apr 3, 2016
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I started printing this with ABS. I'm a new 3D printer owner, and I think that I might have made a mistake. Looking at the design, I gather that it should be printed with supports? What would be your suggested settings for ABS? By the way, I have the FlashForge Creator Pro.

Print standing on end. Open end up.

Wow! Thanks for such a quick reply! I'm watching this thing print right now and I'm amazed. I'm a veteran that currently works on a military base myself. I use my ID not only to get on base, but to actually do my job. I have to pull it out several times throughout the course of my day. Something like this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for the wonderful design and for sharing. I'll probably order a commercial one just to support you.

Lol. That's awesome. I've actually been in the field the past week. I'm glad you like the design. I should have few available in a few days in my store. Thanks. Tony D.

is it in PLA or ABS?

You can use either.

Tony what's the difference between the free version and the full commercial version?

Functionally, on the inside, they are the same. They both hold credit cards and IDs very well.

The commercial version has:

  • cool rails on the sides
  • holes for 550 cord that go all the way around
  • design elements on the front and back
    • hidden logo
    • inlaid design
  • little stopper beads

Check it out here:

thats cool, are the stopper beads something you print as well?

Yes, they come as a separate file. You get the RECON_wallet.stl and stopper_beads.stl.

Thanks. I really enjoyed making this design. It works really well and the cool color combos are endless with all the different colors of paracord available.

Tony D.

awesome, I'm printing it now in Yellow PETG. If it works well then maybe I'll support you by buying your design because you do post alot of awesome things for free. Thanks man!

Cool. I appreciate the feedback. I love giving stuff away but I have to fund my creative habits some way. LOL...

I've got lots on my list of projects I need to finish. So I'll have even more new stuff in the near future. Thanks again.


I've got your commercial Recon wallet, but I'm wondering how do you print it?
Do you have some settings for PLA and does it needs support and how to orient model?
Thanks! :)