Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Robotech Destroid Monster MK II

by grimmindustries Apr 3, 2016
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Very well done. Can you share a fully assmebled version? I'm hoping to print a few really small for the SDF-1.

I'm sorry it's articulated and I don't have time to go back and remodel it.

Thanks for the link back to 3d warehouse. Just got myself a Prusa i3 clone. This woulda have been my 1st choice to thingiversafy

finally getting this printed. there are a number of issues on certain parts.

shoulder, part 6 - hole on back is too large for part 7 to fit in.

main body - part 21 -

             hip insert hole, this needs to be deeper. also there is too much lip on it.
             shoulder insert hole, this needs to be deeper.

leg ball joint part 16 and other similar ball joint.

I just finished a couple of pretty large projects. I try to print these pieces and see what kind of changes I can make on these parts.

ive tried the ball joint and is not possible to push in to connect, would recommend cutting a cross slot on the ball joint to be able to push to fit.

Are you talking about the Canons?

printed the feet ball joint they dont fit. had problem fixing the feet, seems like its too big on the pt 14 bigger ball joint.

Has anyone printed this? Looking at the pieces in my slicing program the scale seems off between some of the parts. The foot looks to be almost as big as the arm guns. Are the parts numbered in order of how you put them together or are the numbers randomly assigned?

It has not been printed. The part numbers are in order of how they associate to each other. If you use Netfabb you can drop all the pieces in and it'll show you how they fit together.

I found what happened. My slicing software scaled the arm down before printing. I used Netfabb and it all makes sense now, thanks. Does part 15 need to be mirrored as well to allow the right leg to be attached properly? So far the fully scaled down version I am printing is looking good, thanks for putting this all together!

I uploaded a new part to mirror 15, number 23 should take care of it.

You are correct, part 15 does have to be mirrored. I can't wait to see you're finished model!

This is Beautiful, I am not sure how it's going to turn out, I have to shrink it ti .179 to fit on my printerbot play.. Maybe it's time for that bed extension..

I have a printers with a large build volume so I tend to scale to that printer. You can also use Netfabb to slice parts that are to big into smaller pieces.

Does that work ok with something like this.. I assume it makes flat cuts, and you glue them together or does it work out a dovetail or something?

I've only been able to get flat cuts, but it's worked well for me on complex geometry.

oh yes, i would kill for a printable model of the koenig monster...

did you make it solid? I was working on this model myself, did some enhancements to the main torso but it was taking a while due to having to make the model into a single solid.

Yes, I've been working on it for a few weeks now. It's always been my favorite mech design and u started modeling it myself when I found this version.

you need the mirrored part for part 9, the unique properties of that part doesn't allow it to just print 2, unless you can print it mirrored.

Thanks for catching that, I uploaded part 22 as a mirror for part 09.

found another non mirrored part. need the right leg version of part 15

which you already added

finally got my printer up and running and printing this out in a smaller scale to test it.

Oh man excellent work! I can't wait to print this!

I saw the image pop up in my feed and I said "man that's awesome but I'm probably gonna have to part it out" and then I clicked and saw you had it parted out already! WOOT!