by Geoffro Apr 3, 2016
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I'm surprised nobody has posted a make yet. (I was considering doing it just for kicks and giggles but I didn't want to explain to my parents why I was printing a nasal probe)

Comments deleted.

ready for odorama!

Is this device backwards compatible with existing smellovision technology?

Currently in legal talks with Wonka about that.

Nice! Now we get to rip apart our nasal cartilage...

Sure do!
Like the mouth guard device, this is a joke. The feature section here has become quite comical so I thought I'd add to the satire. I wonder if I start selling makerbot I can get this featured more than once. Glitch has fallen asleep I think and is re-running his 2015 feature line up. Exciting.

Ah, come on, that's not true! The last two featured items (right now) are actually from 2014... ;)

Yeah true lol.. the lucky cat is a prime example. 11 makes in 2 years.. I am still unsure as to why it was featured the second time round - it wasn't all that popular the first time around. Glitchpudding apparently features things that people suggest to him, but I find that very difficult to believe.

If you make it hollow? Druggies can make even better use of it, right? Nice job!

Need to re-mix it so we can stick it in our ear so we can have an earphone?

Shouldn't the tubes be hollow so it is easier to breather? :)

recomended setting?

slow clap. well done!

wer schiebt sich soetwas in die Nase

Should've published on April 1st, no? ;)

It does make sense... Right??

long sigh ooooooooh my god