The Last Starfighter (Hi Poly) Gunstar

by 7777773 Dec 23, 2011
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I'm getting similar challenges as other commenters when trying this in PLA. Printing with and without supports, there are bits that just don't slice right or come out properly - the rear cockpit, the death blossom doors, and the landing gears all came out pretty bad even at .12mm (the new "finest detail" profile in Cura). Really nice model, though. I'll have to look and see if someone has taken this and cleaned it up a bit.

Is it possible to get this print updated. It is BY FAR the most superior model of the Gunstar I've seen to date, but when I try to print it on my resin printer, I get collapsed turret domes and death blossom doors, as well as gaps around the cockpit. It would be great if a new version could be made which had all the internal voids removed so that it could be printed solid. Externally thought it looks amazing!

Curious...why model the cockpit that won't ever be seen when you print it? There's a pilot in the model. You see people below having issues slicing it. That's why it won't slice.

Such a beautiful model. Too bad it won't slice properly, no matter what I try.

Hold it! There's no fleet? No Starfighters, no plan? One ship, you, me, and that's it?

Exactly! Xur thinks you're still on Earth. Classic military strategy: surprise attack.

It'll be a SLAUGHTER!

That's the spirit!

I printed the front end, but there's so much detailing in the model that it just doesn't translate to the material that well, even at .1mm. The seams between sections ended up being a little too exaggerated. Maybe it's a problem with the splicing. Beautiful model though.

love the model I tried printing it small but the cockpit as well as the covers to the death blossom would not print I then went several sizes up and still would only partially print I don't want to do a giant print so i had to hold off on it. its so detailed its amazing the missile bays are there and the pilot and gunner are even modelled.

What website did you put this through to fix the 3d files? I know when it's fixed it's all green. What's the URL again?

cloud.netfabb.com is what I use to stich PITA models

I love how detailed this model and desperately want to print it, but three different slicers can't seem to get the rear piece correct. On the bottom on the tubes near the ladder, they refuse put geometry for the rectangular tubes. Plus on the same tubes, the tapered piece that joins the cylinder to the rectangular piece is missing on one side (or the normals are flipped). That mistake is in the full model as well as the rear piece.

I'm running in to the same issues.

Same issue here. A shame.. I'd love to have print of this.

Can't wait to get home and print it out.

OMG... it is Amazing.....