Jet engine, Gas turbine

by amazingdiyprojects Apr 4, 2016
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Would be way too heavy for RC use the high heat end is cast in refractory cement which is way too heavy for RC planes

Great project!! Made one as a display (non-running) model, but can't make the hot end on my printer as the files seem to be missing when I try to slice the .stl. Tried to use the Simplify 3D fix to no avail. Any way to get the .stl ready to go. I have already printed the other parts.



In the process of building. Not fake but deffo 5/5 difficulty.

The creator skewed the files so they are not printable without importing into a utility coughfusioncough and editing to make them a solid object. They won't physically print in the form he has uploaded them. You'll come home to a bowl full of spaghetti and he did that because he wants you to buy his plans. I'd say if you bought the plans it's probably about 3/5 difficulty.

I managed to print turbine housing (and this method will work for the rest of the files).
Here's my method:

  • import the part into Simplify 3D
  • Mesh>Separate Connected Surfaces
  • list of individual pieces appears (for example Turbine Housing v1 consists of 32 pieces)
  • tweak the parameters for different heights - it's not necessary to print the whole housing with 20% infill as noted (9hrs 19mins, 346g of PLA used). For example all above NGV/bearing section can be printed with no infill at all and with thick layers. I went down to 7hrs 55mins and 223g of plastic, and there is still room for optimization.
  • slice process(es).
  • happy printing

Awesome, I started building a FD3/64 about 20 years ago, but never finished making the compressor (original was wood, wound with a carbon fibre around it to reinforce) but made the CC, shaft, and turbine etc. housing is a small propane canister....must finish this one day

Not fake.
I found this YouTube video the most interesting:
He runs the engine, then disassembles it.

Only the compressor is 3d printed. The combustion chamber and turbine are made of metal and the housing is cast in a 3D printed mold (cast from clay or concrete or something I'm guessing).

As for how much thrust... I would guess not enough to move an RC plane. For demo and educational purposes only it seems.

Refractory cement was used way too heavy for RC

Do you know how much thrust it creates? I'm looking to modify for an RC plane.

The original Kurt Schreckling made around 7Lbs i seem to remember...but few got it running successfully, most people moved to the KJ-66.

The gas does burn or ? Something stuck in my mind about this :/ It's awesome but for some reasons i don't know how it work inside

The propane gas burns with the oxygen i the air to gain volume/pressure/velocity.

I wasn't clear in what i say, i know the actual mecanisme of expansion of gaz etc but what about the heat, i mean, the gaz burn and produce a lot of heat ! Like 900 - 1200C of heat
What the hell is your plastic ?

I think all the plastic parts are on the cool side. The hot side needs other materials like ceramics, steel and cement.