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Sgt. Scalesby, the Miniature Scaling Dummy

by dutchmogul Apr 4, 2016
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So which size should I use to help me model my rock gnome? And he rides a pony, so what height should I go for to be the right height there? I tried going through hero forge but they be expensive and I figure I can do better (eventually) on my own with my own printer.

(Heroforge is also 32mm, btw.)

Oh, it depends on which scale/models you'll use him with. If you use old Games Workshop stuff or ranges like Frostgrave or Coppelstone Castings, you'll want the 28mm version. If you use modern Games Workshop, Reaper Miniatures, or stuff from CMON (like Zombicide or Massive Darkness) you'll want 32mm. Either way, just scale him next to the dummy until he looks right. (A gnome should be around half the height of a human, give or take).

So if I use the standard of "true" scale, my character should be based off the 15mm one?

Height-wise? Maybe, but proportions also matter, and it can depend on the character's pose. You always have to kind of eyeball it, this just provides a reference.

Thank you for this!

This is really genius!! No idea how much of pain in the ass it has been to look at people's prints in my 3D Printing software and not able to tell if the scale matches or not. I can't thank you enough times!

Hey, you're welcome! I needed this for myself, so I figured I should probably share it. Glad you're getting some use out of ol' Scalesby!

thank for making these they have helped alot to rescale my models


You're welcome! I use these all the time for myself, thought I'd share.

THis is so useful for design in other stuff!

Glad you dig it!

Thanks, I thought it needed to happen.

Thanks, This is useful.

You're welcome! I felt like something like this should exist.