SimpleBase digital Sundial

by mdnelson1234 Apr 5, 2016
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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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you can hold this up with a stick stuck through the bottom 2 holes. I can't test it because it's dark outside.

hi, this is angled for UTAH do you know what the angle should be for texas?

your base broke at the angle. i'd reinforce it there with a solid triangle of material

Does this work in the Southern Hemisphere?

how do you attach it to the Mojoptix digital sundial? Is the 'connector' stl from that original model required?

Truly just WOW, I though no, you can't be serious but it freaken works...

Wonder how this creative stuff came out of your head. Amazing.

this is an unaccredited remix, you can find the original post here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1068443

Digital Sundial

That same link is in the description of this thing.

For anyone having issues with their slicer software, the original linked project added "NETFABBED" files, which work properly in Prusa edition slic3r; I would imagine it will work more often.

No matter what time of day, mine always says 14:30...kinda disappointing because I was really looking forward to this actually working as a sundial!

I know my reply is late, but the reason its not working for you is this item is actually a remix from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1068443 the author forgot to credit the original maker. The reason your print is not working is because this work only includes the northern hemisphere and the print assumes you live and the same latitude as mdnelson1234 does, if you not in the same hemisphere at the same latitude, it won't work. Try to print the original I have linked or one of those remixes, there is also a video explaining the device and how it functions. Good luck hope you didn't get rid of it!

Digital Sundial

When i try to slice it in Cura 2.5 some of the thinner parts disappear

Smaller nozzle
Thinner shells
smaller layer height

that is such a cool idea. i wish i had thought of that

What type of screw does this use?

Do you need to alter it to the location you live? I.e. Australia East coast, mid North cost area.

yes you do. I suggest you try the original print found here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1068443

Digital Sundial

Is this 24 hours or 12? Or does that say 10:40?

24 hour, the time is 13:40 in the picture

Next Non-Manifold Thingiverse thing. Useless without netfabb processing.

I tried to slice it with Cura twice, and both times the prints failed as soon as it reaches to the angled part. The nozzle started extruding in the air. My printer never fails any other prints; I'm sure it's a model or slicing problem. Anyone had similar experience?

I took the model and modified the bottom to be a single piece with equal width so I can print it sideways. Will post mine as a remix.

Im having the same problem with Cura and S3D

Thanks for confirming that. This is clearly a slicing issue. I thought it's a cura bug/incompatibility but since you had the same problem with S3D it's hard to just blame cura. You should try my simple base I designed it to be easy to print and more accurate than this one.


simple digital sundial stand (summer and winter)

Icefox, that happens because the Temperature you set is too high, so while the printer is printing, as it doesnt extrude the whole time (because it moves from different sides), the filament doesnt have time to go out on the rythme you set it, so in the heating area the filament melts and gets stuck within minutes, blocking the passage totally and making the print a disaster.

Just a summary: Don't set it on high Tº, I usually set the bed heat on 55 and the printing on 195-200 (also depends on type of plastic, if its PLA or ABS)

Thanks but I'm printing at 200c always, and have successfully printed many much more challenging designs (see my Makes). What I experienced was clearly a slicing issue. I watched it happen; the nozzle simply moved out of place and started extruding in the air, skipping many layers in the middle.

Another issue that you might experience is the high detail requirement, by that I mean if you're having small areas that require detail for high success, the printer can't print at the time the flow and the speed is set, so it stops whenever it has to change a lane, making it a small chance of getting the extruding area stuck.

the only thing here is the base. The gnomon come from another. I added the simple base because the one in the original needed a jar of pennies and took forever to print

I'm having trouble with the model. I use Simplify3D, and when I import the model everything looks fine. But when I slice the model, there are solid layers covering all of the holes. Of course, I only noticed after the print was done and I wanted to use it. Simplify shows the sliced model as having the solid layers, and no setting I can think of changes that. I loaded your .stl in MeshMixer and it looked fine too. Any idea why it might do that?

Turn off "merge all outlines into a single model" in the "OTHER" tab....

Turn off "merge all outlines into a single model" in the "OTHER" tab....

Turn off "merge all outlines into a single model" in the "OTHER" tab....

Turn off "merge all outlines into a single model" in the "OTHER" tab....

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Could you create a customizable version that could be easily adapted for various latitudes?

That would be tricky! This version doesn't even allow for season changes.

LOL place a stick under it