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recycle failed 3d Print Shredder

by stefi01 Apr 6, 2016
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i destroyed the 3d prints with the 3d prints

Hi Stefi,
I have this and it is very functional and efficient.
Its's just that for making filaments out of recycled plastic, I need to get plastic particles, of specific size. So I was thinking about puting a screen under it, so that only the particles of good size come trough and the bigger ones go back to grinding.
But I don't think that would quite work like I imagined, since the teeth are separating after the plastic goes trough, so there will be no grip.
Any idea about this?
Thank you.

We wrap up bigger chunks in cloth then either beat it with a hammer or crush in a vice to make it smaller and weaker and then grind it all a few times, we then pour small bits at a time in to a printed strainer with 6mm holes, anything that falls through we extrude, bigger stuff goes through again.
we made a big wooden box which the grinder is screwed to so nothing moves around.
I don't know why your teeth move around as they should be as tight as possible butted up against the bearings and plastic teeth will be useless.
as for grip, if you need more then maybe scroll down near the bottom of comments see what brunoschoofs said, about adding knives to the spacers, i am not sure how this would work but it maybe worth thinking about

Hello Stefi, thank you for remixing this project, I think is great. I'm building one with a garden community, but we would like to laser cut the pieces. Have you ever laser cutted the .SVG files you uploaded? (I saw that 3 of them are broken)

Hi, the original cad files are here
scroll to page 3, they are made public and you can download them in what ever file you like, if it lets you then you are welcome to make changes to the files as i have finished with them, after the shredder build i built a box to mount it on and the waste goes into that, i have not yet added a motor but if you do then be sure to post as i may use your design.

Thanks a lot, I will keep you updated and of course I will upload the prototype once it's finished :)

Instead of building a box our idea is to put the wheelbarrow underneath the shredder

Wher can i find the Cad files?

Super cool but I wonder how hard just using thinner cams made out of recycled steel. Recycled steel is $0.30/pound so even if this thing weighs 150 pounds (~70kg) it's still probably cheaper than Arizona Ironwood at $45 but would be a nightmare to machine without access to a water saw or similar.

Just a question in regards to the photo of the welds. Is that the threaded rod welded to the nut so the rod doesn't move?
Just trying to get a better idea of the assembly of the movable components.

the square tube, threaded rod and 2 of the nuts that the grey gear wheels sit over are all welded together, it was the only way we could think of to get the square tubing through the bearings to the gear wheels, only 1 nut per tube and rod was welded though as it wont fit through the bearrings if all 4 are welded,the other 2 were just tightened up against the bearings.

Have you tried shredding copy paper or mail? How does it perform when shredding paper?

we printed all parts in pla and it works well but i would not print the teeth if your shredding failed prints, we tried pla teeth shredding pla and abs and the teeth eventually snapped at 100% infill. and at 0.06mm

Do what I plan to do when I make this. Cast the teeth in aluminum. (either via green sand, or using lost PLA casting method).

hope it works for you, if it does then could you post on here how you did it, would be great to know :) i keep getting told alley is to weak but i think it will work just fine,its stronger than whats being crushed after all.

how well does this work printed in pla?

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Yes you could use ABS teeth to recycle pet or milk bottles. I wouldn't try much thicker stuff than that

anyone think that ABS printed teeth could be used to recycle PET or milk bottles ?

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I worked with these things in real life
could you make the white peaces so tha they have nifes to then it is just like the real thing
and you have much more cutting power

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