Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Fallout New Vegas Anti-Materiel Rifle

by Mk42Workshop Apr 7, 2016
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what happened to the key system and the fixed parts? i didnt download all the files i needed and i came back to find the files gone, only the files that show up incredibly small are here, and they arent the right parts anyways...

I always download everything at once. :)

I updated the files to include dowels as a lot of people had issues with the barrel and stock breaking off. I should have the old files on my home computer and I will see if I can upload them this week unless you want to update to the dowel version, which I HIGHLY recommend.

thank you very much, i will certainly keep that in mind, but unfortunately ive already printed the body parts and the stock and grip, so I would rather try and see it through the whole way so it doesnt feel like i wasted all that time and filament :/ unless, if perhaps you know what percentage to scale these current parts up to so that theyre the right size and if they are compatible to work with the old files too...

I have been Printing some of the parts needed for this, and i was just about to print the clip when i noticed something in my slicer, it doesn't have a flat Surface on the bottom. When Printing there's only a small cube on the right side that prints first layer, second layer is a cube on the left and third is the whole bottom. This is a bit of a problem, but shouldn't be too hard to fix if you cut away like a mm on the bottom.

i printed mine with raft and support and it did fine

In my slicer I have one huge block in the middle that then is complete by the second. Mine printed just fine as is, even in ABS. For now, just lower the model by a slight bit below the print surface.

what 3d printer do you use? what parts will fit with into my 220mmx150mmx150mm print bed?

hey whats the outside dimension of the barrel? im wondering if i could replace it with PVC piping
also does the bolt move?

I can't remember, but it is kinda close to one PVC pipe size, but not quite. I may make that change one day. :)

No, the bolt does not move.

Thank you for uploading this. Ill be looking forward to printing it,
I was wondering if you had the "Mainbody bottom" cut in half?
Or if you know how I could cut it.

I don't have it cut in half, but that is easy using Netfabb basic.

Thank you for telling me about Netfabb, just finished cutting everything to fit my printer!

No problem. I use that program a lot. :)

Hi, have you managed to rescale the gun yet? Also, how'd you manage to get that wooden look?

It is now the correct scale. I also broke it down better and devised a key system.

The real life picture is of the actual, real rifle. :)

I'm working on this now. I'll let you know when I get it all together, prepped, primed and painted.

Hi, any progress on the gun?

He's been updating me on Facebook and is doing a great job. :)

I'm working on this now. I'll let you know when I get it all together, prepped, primed and painted.

Note, due to yshouldicar3's info, it needs to be scaled to 96% to be dimentionally accurate until I rescale and reupload. :)

The New Vegas Anti-Materiel Rifle is a Hecate II which is the same weapon that Sinon uses in Sword Art Online II. So two different cosplays can use this gun.

P.S. Thanks for the upload I might print one off myself! XP

I have it re-scaled and broken down differently now. I even broke out the parts that are wood on the PGM Hécate II so they can be printed separately. I will try to get it uploaded this weekend. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

Oh wow! I spent forever trying to find out what that rifle was based on. Thanks for the info! :) I may have to re-scale it to the proper dimensions.......again.

Yeah, strange what things you just know huh? No problem. I'm watching this cause I'll print one eventually. The scale does seem okay as it is. As long as it's longer than 1.5m, 150cm, 1500mm, or equivalent (I don't know the imperial system...) it should be fine for cosplays!

As it is currently scaled, it's about 50mm to long. Scaling to down to where I originally had it is perfect. I just scaled it to 104% of my original length. So I will go back down to that. :)