16014 printed bearing-8mm steel balls

by Phil_Maddox Apr 7, 2016
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Possible to make one with 6mm balls?

can you make one with 3 8mm balls?

i doubt very much if using just 3 balls would turn at all . I'm working overseas at the moment and don't have access to my design software so it will be a while before i can make the model

You saved me $60!

Thank you very much. This works great with the Thor 6-axis robotic arm.

You are welcome . ANy chance you could share the link to the robot arm. Thanks

How did you assemble the bearing?
I have the inner /outer races and the ball track in the middle, I can get about half of the balls in it, but then it's really tight to feed in the rest as they snap in. The 18 ball version.

So, I used a quick vise to press each bearing in with success. i.e. not cracking the inner or outer ring. Next question, how do you get it to run smoother? I made it out of ABS and am thinking to put some acetone in it and run my drill to spin the bearing so it doesn't take a seat and put dimples in the race and breaks it in a little. OR should I just grease it and run it through by hand/drill.
I've already run it around by hand for about 20 minutes and it's ok, but not nearly half way to what I'd want it for the stepper motor to turn and give me accurate results.

You shouldn't need to use any force to assemble the bearing. Im a bit concerned you may have distorted either inner or outer ring which wont help smooth running.

Stand the outer ring on end. Carefully place the 18 balls in the outer ring then insert the inner ring. Move the balls so the inner ring is centralised. Move the balls so then are evenly distributed around the races, then insert the ball cage. If you've never done this before it can be a bit tricky at first but with a bit of patience it can be done. Ive just uploaded an image to show the layout of the balls and inner ring before the inner ring is centralised and the cage can be clipped into place

Hi! Very nice project!

whats the really size of the steel ball for this bearing?

I really don't know sorry. I would guess 8 mm isnt far off. maybe a bit larger say 9 mm but no bigger as the width is only 13 mm.

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