Terminator Rex Simplify3D Fixed

by Coyote64 Apr 7, 2016
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man, i wish i saw this 8 hours ago before i just about printed the whole original skull and now realising the teeth are not actually attached to the skull... grrr... will try this one next time i have 10 hours free to print it

I was in the same boat, half a day printing then I realised and set about fixing all the mesh.

Good luck with it !

I’ve been trying to print this also. The jaw is definitely wrong. The skull is fine, but the jaw is not flat to the print bed. This is clearly visible looking at the model. In fact the jaw only touches the print bed at four points, which causes it to fail to print.

It should be a fairy easy fix, so I’ll have a go. The other problem is the large jaw support, which I dont think is necessary, do you have a version without the large jaw support? It would be easier than trying to take it off.

I have printed the jaw, but had to add a lot of support underneath, which doesn’t look so good. Will be awesome when it’s done though!


Hi Nick, I am sorry you are having issues printing this.

The base can be done one of two ways, because it sits flat on the lower jaw you could drop the Z axis by a fraction to give you more of a base to start printing from rather than use extra support. This does though revmore some of the details which some would not find desirable. The other of course is to print with light support on the bottom supporting between the 4 points. Mine printed fine without doing that though so maybe a tweak of your own printers settings are needed to yield better results ?

The main support base I found needed to be that substantial or it would loose details by warping just a tiny bit, but feel free to tinker about with it, I would be interested to see what results you get as any technique that brings the same result with less printing time is very welcome.

What material are you printing in, PLA ?



Printing in grey PLA (which looks awesome).

I can get it to print with extra supports, but then the bottom looks rough. I’m going to work on it a bit more, I’m sure I can get it better.

I’ll report back what works for me.


Finally printed. The skull was the easiest, the jaw... not so much. Had to shave the bottom, and remove the large jaw support (not needed for my printer).

It would be better if there was a better way of joining the two parts, I was thinking of adding M3 screws (which would fit with the theme), but ultimately I just superglued them together. Maybe another time.

Anyway, the final product looks awesome! here are the final pics.

Printed on a Sindoh 3DWOX D200 on standard settings (resolution 0.2, PLA Grey, 15% infill, no supports, with raft)

Looks brilliant Nick. Yeah a better joining mechanism would be a good idea.

Hey great work but I'm having a problem if there's any chance you can help. I'm printing with simplify 3d and a flashforge creator pro with pla. I can't get the jaw to print and have tried like 10 times. My leveling, adhesion, temps etc are all dialed in and I've printed the skull, base and tons of others with no prob. I can't get past the 1st layer of the jaw. The filament doesn't adhere and just collects on the nozzle. The weird part is that there's something odd in the design that makes it appear off the bed by a small amount in simplify even when I drop it to the bed. And even raft support doesn't show up correctly. It makes the nozzle and filament strung all around in the preview. Any chance you could check it and see if there's anything that could be fixed. I'd do it myself but have no idea how.

Everything is sat on the bed as it should be on my Simplify3D so I don't really know how to fix it when its not showing as wrong.

You could always drop the model on the Z axis so it starts from the 2nd or 3rd layer because the first layer or two missing wont even be noticed. Then printing with a skirt should be fine.

I see. My skill level isn't the highest yet so maybe I just need to do some more tinkering. Thanks for your help.

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