OpenForge 2.0 Sphinx Statues

by devonjones Apr 7, 2016
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Hi Devon

Gorgeous work mate, Did you plan to release more Egyptian flavored OpenForge Tiles?


In time, I'm currently working on all the parts needed for a tavern, but I do still release random tiles here and there. Once I've finished the tavern I'll move on to another higher level project, but probably after a month or two of releases for a variety of things.

Is there anything specifically you are looking for?

Hi Devon

Thank you very much for your answer. Not looking for anything specific. But something set in the ancient Egypt, with that look and feel should be great.

Can you Imagine assemble a dungeon inside the great pyramid of Khufu, or having to overcome the pitfalls of the Tomb of Ramses II sons.

Something similar to what is proposed this Kickstarter, but for our 3D printers.


The idea came to me while I was looking for the module openforge of the wall with the torch to put an led torch. While I was digging, I saw the Sphinx, and the connection between both ideas was instantaneous.

But my knownledge about 3d sculpt for that purposes are near 0.

Thanks again for your work, time and efforts. Regards from Spain.

Oh, those are beautiful. I was figuring the cut stone tiles can work for the non decorated areas, and I have painted many of them in a sandstone finish that looks pretty good for an Egyptian theme. But doing some walls with bas relief and cartouches as well as walls with corners that are those pillars would be pretty swank.

Thanks for the idea!