Very simple and easy vacuum former

by gillespinault Sep 7, 2013
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Really clever, thanks for this.

Absolutely BRILLIANT! Thank you for sharing :)

Totally making me some new retainers, I have a mold of my teeth and my goal was to (potentially) bring open source orthodontics to people that couldn't afford it by 3D printing them, but I'm thinking I should just stick to vaccu-form for smoothness and lack of rigidity. I also haven't worked out how to code a program to move teeth into ideal arrangements and then build a mesh to be printed and molded.

Hi, i have a little question, how big is the diameter of the little holes in the plate?
Can you massure them? 2mm or smaller?

Hi Synchron,
the holes are 1.91mm ... + laser kerf so probably slightly larger than 2mm.

thank you very much.
I want to cut a little shield thats fit in the holes like this ([])
So i will try it with 2mm height and 2,2mm width.