Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Interlocking Brick System MicroQuad

by ulflindestrom Apr 8, 2016
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8.5mm motor version ?

This is for 8.5mm motors and if you find they don't fit this is a customizable object, push the customize button and enter the dimensions you think fit

Great work! Do you have a list of electronics used for this?

Thanks these where super easy to modify in openscad. Now just have to wait for parts to arrive for the build.

I will be building this soon maybe by January. The local 3D print shop at my school has been a little slow lately. I will either upload a video on my youtube channel:

or I will add a post on my blog:

or maybe I will do both.

I hope you guys can help support my small nooby channel.

This is a great idea. I will print some out to go show to the kids at the daycare I work at.

Thanks! I bet they'll love it :)

Well, I will order some more prints of these from my local 3d print shop.

Where did you place the FC? Do you have a picture on how you placed it?

Sorry, I don't have it built anymore, but the fc is placed under the "hood" behind the minifig, taking up 4x4 studs. I mounted it with some double sided tape

Thanks. But I do notice that my first print shifted and the normal lego bricks don't quite fit. I know these files are works in progress, so how long will it take?

The stl files uploaded work with my printer but might not with yours simply because all printers are different in their accuracy. That's why I made the design customizable. Press the "Open in customizer" button and fiddle with the setting and try again. You'll never get the "Clutch Power" of real LEGO but hopefully you'll get close enough. I realize this might be a expensive/time consuming approach if you don't have a printer of your own though. Good luck!

Well, my local 3D printer shop allows some discount reprints if the old one glitches or shifts, so that is okay financially. I will be customizing it, but I had to ask something.

Judging by your profile pic, you seem to do a bit of FPV like me. Are there any FPV lego mounts available?

I haven't seen one, but cant be to hard to fix? I guess you're looking for a small AiO camera mount?

Anything really. I really want to try this one though.
Kingkong Q25-Mini 5.8G 25MW 16CH VTX 600TVL CMOS 1/4 Micro FPV Camera

But the one for the eachine TX01 could work too.

I'll upload a simple camera mount tonight

AWESOME! So which camera will you base it off of? Eachine tx01-03 line or the normal 600 TVL micro cams?

I'll just make a 2x2 brick with an adjustable angled shelf for the camera, so not any specific camera

Sounds great.

Also, do you have any tips for someone getting into 3d model creations? What softwares do you use?

I've now uploaded a new scad file which also generates a camera mount.
Open the customizer and choose cameramount as output.

I've used sketchup and onshape in the past, but I'm now looking for a better, free alternative. This (and my other customizable designs) is made in OpenSCAD.

How many degrees is the tilt on the mount?

Customizable like everything else ;)

I mean the one that is already in STL.

The one you shouldn't use which is only there as an example you mean...? It's 15 degrees

Wait, did you print with ABS or PLA?

Yes, thanks, sire.

Do you think that a syma x11 q-copter's motor will fit in this? If not, what customization size should I use?
Also, is there directions anywhere for the rest of the build?

Sorry, I don't know what diameter the motors of the Syma have, use a caliper if you have one, if not try to estimate the size and keep printing until the motors fit. If you have a quad that's working which you plan to harvest for parts it's simply a transfer of all electronics

Everything is AWESOME! (sorry had to do it)

I must make this, I so want to break apart my Nano QX right now and use the bits :D

Don't break it apart if it's working, the QX is most likely a better flyer than this heavy guy

You got promoted by Flite Test

Thanks for letting me know where all the traffic came from

Well, actually, my bad. I could not resist to post your work on Reddit /r/ multicopter

ok, do you mind posting a link? can't seem to find it

Here it is https://www.reddit.com/r/Multicopter/comments/4g4nhz/how_cute_is_that_not_mine/

Note : it's not very important that it's a bad flyer. It flies (even hovers) and the design is awesome. I think it could be a better flyer with a six motors design but your FC is not the good one for that, I guess. Perhaps you could one day design one with small brushless motors instead. I love good quad designs. I did a "Evinrude" for instance http://i.imgur.com/2lrUCrE.gif

what electronic parts are these from? is this based off a hubsan or something? or is it all custom? thanks!

It's custom. Beef's Brushed Board, a micro frsky receiver and 8.5mm brushed motors. But it works just as well with parts from a broken toy, just make sure to keep your build light

What is the weight of your lego quadcopter without batteries?

70 grams, so quite heavy for a micro...

Yes, 60 grams would be a better weight but what a beauty it is. Thank you so much for sharing.

Yeah, astounding design. Can't believe this thing can also fly.

This is one of the most awsome things i have ever seen. And the best is yesterday my Banggood shipment with parts for 2 micro quads arived. I was just looking for a nice frame to print when i found this masterpiece.

I will post picures once i made it through the process of adjusting the openSCAD for my Vertex 8400K ... i know this will be a pain but i know it will be worth it ;-)

thx for sharing

Thanks! Nice timing :)

I have a Vertex too and didn't have much problem getting a good print. Good luck!