Simplify3D Creator profiles for ABS, PLA and Taulman Nylon 618

by Enginwiz Sep 7, 2013
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do you have FFF for rep2x?

The Replicator 2 has the origin for printed parts in the center (X=140, Y=75) of the build plate.
Check these values for X and Y in your S3D Process FFF-Settings under Gcode as Origin Offset.

Hey Enginwiz - thanks for your efforts! Got a question though - I'm a fairly new user of S3D. After install, my prints were OK but at least they were printing in the middle of my build plate. After using one of your PLA factories, my Rep2 (running Sailfish) is now trying to build in the front left corner of the plate! Not sure which setting I need to change. Any thoughts?

Thanks for taking the time to share your profiles

I am quite interested in these to see what you have found good settings. . Though wondering how to use what you have here? You seemingly saved the factory file with no settings or object (ie the rep 2x .factory files are only 2k) I would think if you wanted to save the default extruder settings you would save the .fff profiles? Or am I missing something here?

Yes. I too, have no idea what is going on.