Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

DOMINO spacemouse upgrade

by technomastermind Apr 11, 2016
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awesome project, tnk x share

Hi thanks for design. Any update for V2?

Looks very usable and comfortable. As for having a left-handed version, demand may be weak considering it would actually be a right handed version teamed up with a left handed mouse (a very rare breed :-) ) I personally am left handed but have long since chosen to conform to right handed mice and trackballs. That decision has payed dividends ever since, especially since it freed up my left hand to run my space-mouse. They are great units but really need a holder since they are not heavy enough to stay on the table when "lifting". This unit seems capable of holding the space-mouse down nicely. Incidentally 3dconnexion space-mice can be made to work in Linux, but it ain't simple and is very limited. Support is much better for windows. I love using it in Blender, moving my "head" around with my left hand and manipulating stuff with the right. :-) Great creation!!

Awesome,really pleased you like the design.

Domino is very comfortable,cheap and so simple to make.
The large button are great,you never have to look at what your pressing,so you can concentrate on what your doing onscreen.

I use my space mouse constantly and the added buttons make designing a real joy.

Before i got my spacemouse I actually wore out the keys on my keyboard,ctrl,shift,escape were all useless.
These arcade buttons used on domino are usually rated to 500.000 presses mtbf and are so cheap and easy to replace,it's not a problem.
The electronics and software work great,better than I had imagined,I can't belive this approach had not been thought of sooner.
V2 coming soon and a better usage video of domino in action.

Thanks for your feedback and support.

Clever idea - looking forward to hear how it works when the parts come in! I also love my spacemouse but also feel limited without more controls. Great project!

Fantastic really pleased you like the idea.

It makes complete sense to have the buttons with the spacemouse,its a real pain having to use the keyboard at all ,(
Currently reworking/tweaking the models ready for the electronics.

I shall upload a right handed version of DOMINO to cater for right handed spacemouse users.

Thanks ever so much for you feedback.