Arcade Controller

by elkayem Apr 11, 2016
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I would like to see two large side-buttons (one on the left side and one on right side) for pinball games and similar. The arcade stick kits from China usually come with 8 large buttons and 2 small.

Hi, slightly ashamed of the self-plug but I remixed this to fit those buttons. (I have the same kit.) The other difference is that my design uses only M3 size screws.


Hope it works for you!

Edit: I used small buttons on either side, and you'd have to rotate the controller 90 degrees to have a button on either side. Also, they're not exactly in line if that's something that's gonna bug you.

Arcade Controller - M3 Variation for larger buttons

Thanks however I meant to suggest to have those "pinball" buttons on the short sides so that you do not have to rotate the controller 90-degrees to play pinball games and similar games where you want to use those two side buttons.

Again, the cheap arcade stick kits from China usually come with 8 large buttons and 2 small, so I think that having six large buttons on top and the other two large buttons as pinball buttons on the short ends would work nicely.

Hello guys.

I want to print this, but I want to put suction cups on the botton so it won´t move while you play.

Is it desgined so I can adapt suction cups?


Good idea, I don’t see why not! I’ve included the sketchup file if you wish to modify the 3D design.

Any idea if this will hold a Happ stick? This is exactly what im wanting to build but i already bought Happ controls and dont want to re-buy.

What are the full dimensions? Can it be printed on a 28cm x 15cm x 15cm machine? About how much material does it use?

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Wow, that's great! Beats waiting a month for a shipment from China.

do you have manual for this kit?

There isn't a manual, but it really isn't difficult to figure out the wiring.

where to get screws for this arcade controller?

You could look for M2 and M4 screws on eBay or aliexpress. Those are my go to sites for small parts.

Does the case have a bottom? Simplify3D is having some issues rendering it.

One more thing to check... Make sure your print bed size is larger than 200 mm in the X dimension. Cura refused to render the case when mine was set to 200. I set my printer size to 210.

which screws I need for this controller arcade

M4x10mm for the lid, M2x8mm for the electronics.

Hmm, seems unusual. I used Cura, and had no problems. I just checked both the STL and SKP files in SketchUp, and the case definitely has a solid bottom. Also, it has a solid volume in Sketchup (163,891 mm^3), which is always a good check to ensure it will slice correctly. Please let me know if you discover what issue you are having.

I think it may be a render issue. I had Simplify3D actually slice the STL, and the preview rendered correctly. I verified that it looked correct in FlashPrint, as well. I did install Cura, which rendered the STL correctly too. I couldn't check it in SketchUp, because I'm running Linux, and there isn't a version for it. At this point, I think everything's ok.

I printed the case part last night. Other than some overhang issues with the button/USB hole, it came out great.

Glad to hear it! I printed the case with supports to prevent the hole from sagging.