Big StrawGlass - Practical

by bLITzJoN, published

Big StrawGlass - Practical by bLITzJoN Apr 11, 2016
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I love the novelty of the original Big StrawGlass, but it takes some lungs to draw some liquid goodness through all that straw. So, I've remixed it to provide a more "practical" spiral straw that still looks like the original, but easier to clean, quenches the thirst and provides a better drain at the bottom of the glass. In the picture above with two glasses, can you tell which one is the original?? hint

Just so people don't complain, you should strongly consider using food-safe plastic. Since I can think of so many other things to worry about, I printed in ABS and even vapor-washed it cause I'm cRaZy like that.

NOTE: If you plan to print in ABS so it holds up better in the dishwasher then vapor wash it. If you're unfamiliar with the process, Google is your friend. I don't have an elaborate setup, I simply have a big glass cookie jar I sit upside down on a glass pie pan with a piece of cardboard lining the inside I saturate with Acetone and let the item sit in for several hours until I see a nice sheen. Take it out and let it air dry for a day (which it will continue to smooth as the acetone evaporates out of the plastic).

So I commented it's basically at your own risk like anything else you print. However, the question has come up if there are resources, processes, plastics, etc.. that could help deam this "food safe". Little bit of research lend me to a couple articles about the subject:
What started this was discussion about XTC-3D not really being food-safe.

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The original calls for 100% infill. I'll leave that to your discretion. If you print in ABS, plan to vapor wash it; I can tell you that even at 100% infill you may experience leaking as ABS is notorious for layer de-lamination/cracking.

For the v5, I recommend 0% infill (yes, that's zero) with 50 solid bottom layers, 3 solid top layers and 3 shells. With the bottom being 100% infill with all the solid layers, you will definitely want to print with a raft for ABS to prevent warping.


2016-06-05 - I published straw-glass-practical-v5.stl. I'd like the file size to be lower but it is what it is. Unless I get a flood of complaints I'll make this the final update. Enjoy!

2016-05-19 - Finished print of straw-glass-practical-v5-beta.stl and it's not leaking!!!! I printed in ABS just in case so I could vapor wash to salvage the print; fortunately, so far so good!! (see green spiral glass). Before I make it the final stl, I need to trim off approx 1mm off the bottom. I don't feel it's necessary.

Look, ma, no leaks!!

2016-05-17 - Welcome to a higher resolution and curved fills on the inside of the glass in an attempt to form thicker walls between the tube. straw-glass-practical-v5-beta.stl may become the final version unless the print comes out with deformities.

2016-05-04 - My test print of straw-glass-practical-v4-beta.stl in ABS at 20% infill and 3 top/bottom/outer layers still leaks unless I vapor wash it in order to chemically seal the imperfect layer adhesion of ABS. I have a new "high-res" version of v4 I'm printing in PLA to see if maybe ABS isn't the right stuff unless you intend to vapor wash it. I'm updating some of the details above with my findings.

2016-05-04 - straw-glass-practical-v4-beta.stl decreases the inner diameter of the straw in an attempt to further prevent leaking. I smoothed out the walls further and made some adjustments to some key points where I think layer holes may occur based on how the model slices. The last model I actually experienced some sweating which could pass as condensation, but given the color of the liquid it was leaking. Vapor washing did stop the leaking. Hopefully this model will net decent results.

2016-04-26 - straw-glass-practical-v3-beta.stl is the next iteration of improving the straw and fixing the weird mid-section. I married the new straw and glass in Meshmixer and imported into Tinkercad where it translated the stl by making the entire glass solid. While in Tinkercad, I hollowed the straw. Returning the final model into Meshmixer to correct any fragments and I smoothed the inside of the straw at the top. Sooo, I would definitely not print 100% infill. I'm about to kick off a print.

Look! Mid-section is clean now!!

2016-04-25 - straw-glass-practical-v2-beta.stl is an updated version with a cleaner insides of the straw (most attention to the top) and a larger bowl at the bottom. I haven't printed it, yet, so I'm listing this as beta. Looking at the original, what I thought was filled by me is actually flawed to start with, the mid-section is actually solid. Once I get one printed and tested (I won't vapor wash it) to see if there's any leaking - I'm thinking of printing in 20-50% infill (haven't decided) and see what happens. If someone beats me to it, please share!

Ok, so I loaded the model in 123D Design and it's definitely a Tinkercad issue that fills in the mid-section. Since the add-on straw (my addition) is fine, I may not even bother since it's not used anyway, but at least the mystery is solved and the original is fine. I wondered cause I've actually used the original and it works, but not "practical".

Tinkercad doesn't translate the original properly, while it doesn't matter on my remix, it is interesting to discover.

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It really is.

Hey! This model looks awesome! Im new to 3D printing, and i want to ask that how much filament does this print use? I only have one spool of PLA that came with my printer.

Estimating around 250 grams, so in theory, you could print 4 of them with a single 1kg roll.

It looks so beautiful, this is one of those things that takes my breath. I very like your idea . Thanks

I think the real one is the red/pink one. The yellow is the one you made?

I really want to print one of these, but I am also really worried about the food safeness of it. I have a makerbot replicator 2 and I want to know if you have any advice/instructions on how I could print one. I only have PLA and I think it can only print in PLA.

The yellow is the remix, yes. There are some food safe epoxies you can line the inside of the glass (e.g. Masterbond, Alumilite). I haven't tried them myself, but plan on it.

"Here wanna take a sip?"
Sips for 15 seconds untill liquid reaches mouth

(Joke aside, i thought it was designed to be a snakish straw all the way to the bottom :) )

The original is like that, this just provides the look of the original but usable cause you're right, it does take some effort to draw some beverage through all that straw. lol

Big StrawGlass V2 (aprox. 0.5L)
by Segeer

Absolutely incredible brilliant idea!! You could actually patent this if you really are the creator of this thing! :D This cup out of glass would be just AWESOME! If you think about it, in summer when it's hot outside, when you drink out you'll always get a cool beverage from the bottom of the glass.

I appreciate the comment. This is a remix based on a brilliant idea. I took the time to improve the functionality of it. Print both designs and report back your findings. :-)

Big StrawGlass V2 (aprox. 0.5L)
by Segeer

50 bottom layers for v5 (so 10cm?) is that realistic or a typo?

No, it actually isn't when you think about it; especially if you are using a translucent/clear filament. Right now the model is solid. If you go with 0% infill and few layers then it will attempt to print in air for the center drain inevitably creating a failed print or major leakage. Having 3 shells and 0% infill will make the walls of the cup hollow - you want this for insulation and less plastic, but to compensate for the bottom being hollow just up the bottom layers which will make it solid on the bottom only and helps prevent leakage. Hopefully this shines some light on my logic. Certainly if you find something that works for you, please share!

OK my math is off.. 50 layers * 0.2mm = 10mm or 1cm.. not 10cm like I was incorrectly saying:)

Ha, I didn't notice until you pointed it out.

I'm trying to print it now w/ your settings but also in 'vase' mode.. will report back:) (On a Monoprice maker select v2.1 w/ PLA using craftware slicer)

so - ended up printing w/ 30 layers at the bottom and a bit too fast I think. Printed overnight and looks awesome, but leaks:( This is using PLA on the maker select v2.1..

Will have to try printing again slower and w/ 50 bottom layers (although honestly reading about pla, not sure if I want to, or should switch to something that's easier to vapor bath..)

bummer... hate it when that happens. I wonder if XTC-3D would be worth checking out for the interior if you didn't or wasn't able to print in ABS.

yeah my build env isn't ventilated, so ABS is out. Considering attempting a print w/ PETG though.

I thought about doing one in PETG; although if it was translucent it might give away there is a cheater tube for the straw and maybe doing the original big straw would be advisable for the full tube experience. May not be as "practical", but definitely be cool to see the liquid swirling up the sides (which you would not see on this print).

I'm going to update the description that may be useful for others about the topic.

yeah; three things holding me back from petg -

the color I have would be considered ugly by my kids (need to by a nicer color)
petg printing is slow!
it's been raining non-stop where I'm at this week; wouldn't want to expose petg to too much humidity..

XTC-3d doesn't look to be food-safe?

Either way, the cup has turned into a bath toy:)

could u actually drink from this or would it not be clean?

My girls drink from theirs all the time. I wash it in the dishwasher on the top rack.

It looks so great, this is on of those things that takes my breath. I love your idea, congratulations and good luck with it.

What material do you use to prevent chemical leaching into the drink and how do you combat the hygiene issues such as cleaning and removing bacteria and other nasty things from the small striations?

This was one of the major reasons for the practicality of the remix. You simply cannot effectively clean the internals of the original design. On the remix, the spiral tube (the novelty of the design) is actually capped off at both ends which leaves the vertical straw the only component to worry about. I run my spiral glasses on the top tray in my dishwasher and they come out just fine; however, that's to the naked eye. The concave drain design helps tremendously to direct water from the dishwasher to help clean the inside walls of the straw. As for the plastic used, I've used PLA & ABS with success and failures. I tend to gravitate to ABS for this particular print so I can vapor wash it in case it does leak between layers and smooth the outer surface to minimize the nooks & crannies for bacteria, etc, from forming and just deal with any potential chemical leaching. Now, am I really concerned with the leaching.... no... we are exposed to it daily, even toys (e.g. Legos) are made out of ABS. There are some plastics that can purchased for food applications to consider if it's really a concern.

how long does it take to print ? please respond ASAP

so many parameters (i.e. speed, layer height, infill, etc...).. takes me about 10-11 hours to print one with the settings listed on a Rostock Max v2 delta printer.

Far be it for me to say, u cant make a remix that bypasses the straw, but it dose seem like your kind of ripping the hart out of the concept! :)
I just print one of the original Big Straw Glasses and didn't find sucking to strenuous. The incline of the straw is so gradual it's even possible to stop and exhale before the liquid drops very far.

Nice looking prints by the way.

Think you missed the point of the model. I printed the original and loved it, but it's more of a novelty than an everyday use glass.

I am preserving the heart of the model by keeping the look of it; however, now it's easier to suck, it's easier to clean; it's an insulated tumbler now, and the bottom is more effective (I did think about remixing the original again just to put my bottom on it). The original leaked for me as well. I have several on my desk I use as pencil holders now.

Far be it for me to say, just don't print it and move on.

Sorry if I've caused offence, that wasn't the intent. It just struck me as an odd idea was all.